Orchard Supply Hardware Boxcar OSHX-1 . San Jose . California . Watercolor . 14" x 20"

... OSHX-1 is a variation on a 1937, 12 panel, 40 foot, AAR (Association of American Railroads) Class X, Standard-Design steel boxcar, with its distinctive "Dreadnaught 1-4-4" car ends. A former Southern Pacific (SP) boxcar... the manufacturer is unknown at this time. This boxcar was purchased from the "EsPee" by Orchard Supply Hardware (OSH) in the early 1960's and set off on the Southern Pacific's OSH rail freight siding, abutting Auzerais Street in San Jose, California... essentially becoming the store's billboard. The boxcar remained there for 50 years; in a slow transition to celebrated local landmark. In 2013, Orchard Supply Hardware donated the well preserved and low milegae, OSHX-1 to the California Trolley and Railroad Corporation and it is now on display at the San Jose Steam Railroad Museum.

A reproduction of this watercolor painting is available exclusively through Orchard Supply Hardware stores, as the cover illustration of the OSH 2017 Train Calendar (which also includes an additional 12 monthly images of my railroad art).

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