Globe Hotel . Quakertown . Pennsylvania . Gouache . 30" x 40"

... on the north side of East Broad, a short walk across the street from the Quakertown Train Station (built 1902)... located between the former Philadelphia & Reading Railroad (P&R) tracks and Belmont Avenue... built in 1827 as the Strawn House... rests Globe Hotel. The old Globe predates the railroad track, laid through Quakertown in 1857 to Bethlehem, by 30 years and was quite an elegant establishment in its heyday. Now, the building suffers from years of physical neglect and deterioration... a slow and sad ending to a proud history. In this illustration, the Quakertown Traction Company (QTC incorporated 1898) trolley line arches over the Reading track north of the hotel. The QTC's Richland trolley connection is gone since 1929, although the twin stone abutment piers still bracket the tracks.

james mann art farm
© 1977 all rights reserved