Agricultural Art & Illustration

James Mann paints life on the farm as he lives and sees it. Click on a painting’s name below for a larger view of the original art. Giclee prints are available of most of these paintings.

November Corn #2

Watercolor… Corn Picker. Fall harvest… a little train consisting of my Oliver 550 tractor, the New Idea 323 one row corn picker and the old wagon with some side boards to hold in the ears. It wasn’t fancy, it took a while, but the job got done. The following poem was written and sent to… Read more »

September Soy #2

Watercolor… early morning… looking south… the sun has just cleared the east ridge… Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. This is the same field, as I painted in “July Alfalfa“…. now planted in soybeans…

July Alfalfa

Watercolor … baling hay… freshly baled alfalfa hay… looking south across my lower field.

Winter Barley in Fog

Watercolor… the morning of October 23, 2020… looking east, downhill. The air is so humid and thick with fog, the distinction between earth and sky is a blur. Nothing is visible beyond the fuzzy silhouettes of trees along the fence line between fields and the pasture. In the foreground is newly sprouted, roughly 4-inch tall,… Read more »

Oliver 550 with Chickens

Watercolor… “Ollie Dances With Chickens”. A still life… with the 1964, Oliver 550 tractor. Actually, the chickens don’t keep all that still.

Oliver 1655 Sub Soiler

Watercolor… Oliver 1655 tractor with subsoiler… early Spring 2008, outside of Coopersburg, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Although no-till cultivation is now the norm almost everywhere… every few years it’s necessary to run through the fields with a long shank harrow and break up the deeper hard pack.

Oliver 77 Making Hay

Watercolor… The Oliver 77 Row Crop tractor was manufactured from 1948 through 1954. Here, we’re taking down a field of alfalfa with a New Holland mower/conditioner… the first part of turning forage vegetation into hay. Alfalfa is a high protein legume.

Massey Ferguson 285

Watercolor… the Massey Ferguson 285, Row-Crop Tractor, was manufactured from 1974 to 1982. Power comes from a 4 cylinder Perkins, 318 cubic inch, diesel engine, providing 69.5 hp at the drawbar and 81 hp off the PTO. This one… pulling a New Idea 324, 2 row corn picker, with a trailing, small gravity wagon in… Read more »

Silage 2020

Watercolor… Lehigh County, Pennsylvania… chopping corn for silage, late September, 2020. International Harvester 1086 tractor, GEHL 1265 chopper, GEHL 970 forage wagon… the top of the middle field.

Corn Chop 2019

Watercolor… autumn on the hill, across the valley… November, 2019. International Harvester 1086 tractor, a GEHL chopper and forage wagon… chopping some corn for the steers. This is not for silage… which is cut green, siloed and allowed to ferment. Basically, this corn can be left standing in place, well into winter and a few… Read more »

Silage 2017

Watercolor… fall 2017 … chopped corn… out of a GEHL forage wagon… through a New Holland 40 blower… and up into the silo.

Silage 2015

Watercolor… chopping corn silage… Ford 7710 tractor with a GEHL chopper and forage wagon… late September, 2015… sun setting over the upper field.

Silage 2013

Watercolor… Lehigh County. Horace chopping silage corn, early October 2013. A fairly cold day.

Bucking Hay

Watercolor… making hay… baling hay… I don’t know where the term “bucking hay” originates… that’s just what it’s always been called. But I do know it’s hot, sticky, sweaty, dirty, hard work… and after you get one wagon loaded, you go back and get another… until it’s all picked up and put away.

Verdant Highway – Farmall

Watercolor… “On the Verdant Highway”. Long hours on the tractor & miles to go… in this instance, on an International Farmall 560D.

January Corn

Watercolor… the regimen… pull the corn… grind the feed… feed the cattle…

Clover Leaf Feed Mill

Watercolor… the Clover Leaf Feed Mill was established in 1926, by the Rosenberger family, along the original 1858 “Steinsburg and Milford Square Turnpike” in Upper Bucks County. A road that was eventually extended to connect Quakertown with Pennsburg at Milford Square and rerouted to bypass the village altogether. Clover Leaf Mill operated as an Agway… Read more »

Davis Feed Mill

Watercolor… after Edwin F. Stover established a feed enterprise in various, leased Perkasie locations in the late 1890’s, this much larger, consolidated, state-of-the-art milling complex was built in 1938, by his heirs and family on 7th Street in Perkasie. The Stover Feed Company provided and moved bulk shipments of grains and feeds throughout a large… Read more »

Savacool Feed Mill

Watercolor… William B. Savacool opened his flour and feed store in 1880, in the village of Bridgetown (AKA Benjamin), next to Pleasant Spring Creek along Benjamin Road, which is now known as South Main Street in South Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Over the years, operations at the mill passed through various members of the Savacool family. The… Read more »