Agricultural Art & Illustration

James Mann paints life on the farm as he lives and sees it. Click on a painting’s name below for a larger view of the original art. Giclee prints are available of most of these paintings.

Pawnee Rock Grain Elevator

Watercolor… on Route 56, headed to NPS Fort Larned in 2016… I was struck by the sight of the Pawnee Rock grain elevator. Pawnee Rock, the village, was established along the route of the old Santa Fe Trail… and back in the day, the actual Pawnee Rock was a 150 foot tall, rock landmark for… Read more »

Bobiak Barn #3

Watercolor…in Richland Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. When your livelihood depends on the care and well being of your livestock… your day starts early… every day… whether it’s a holiday or whether you feel like it or not.

Bean / Budd Barn

Watercolor… Traugers Crossing Road, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A classic 18th century German bank barn, with 56 round ventilation loop-holes located in three massive stone walls.

Two Barns – One Red

Watercolor… another red barn… and I had to paint it… it’s just so darn RED ! And the front barn… well… it had seen better days. Off Allentown Road, north of Steinsburg. Incredibly… sometime in the Twenty-Teens, the old barn was rebuilt… and today, it’s a jewel.

Ceresota Flour Barn

Watercolor… on Limeport Pike, between Limeport and Lanark, Lehigh County, PA. Interesting story… There were several coats of paint over this old barn. The last coat was a latex paint, that had begun to peel. As the latex came off, earlier layers of paint pulled with it, revealing the ghost of an original Ceresota Flour… Read more »

Cook Barn

Watercolor… the Cook Barn was built in the mid 1800’s… however, the original farmstead that it is located on, was one of a complex of five separate area farms that supported the vast Durham Furnace industry, providing food and related agricultural products in the early to mid 1700’s.

Jimmy Wray’s Corn Crib

Watercolor… Jimmy Wray’s farm was at the end of Standard Lane… about three quarters of a mile from my place. He’s gone now. This is… was… his corn crib in the morning.

Winter Break – Kinsey Farm

Watercolor… the Henry & Arlene Kinsey Farm… a small dairy farm in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania… mid afternoon, following a night of heavy snow.

Andrew Cicon Farm

Watercolor… Andrew Cicon was my neighbor.This was the morning view, from my studio… painted soon after we moved in here. There is a running spring, in the hollow below the house, that feeds the Unami Creek. Plowed up artifacts have confirmed that this was the site of a Lenni Lenape hunting campsite. By the end… Read more »

Larry’s Ox

Watercolor… Out To Pasture. My painting of an ox… and this is Larry’s Ox. Larry’s Ox is retired and content to enjoy his days laying around, observing his surrounds and chewing cud… off Steinsburg Road, in Bucks County, PA.


Watercolor… baling hay… finding Horace in the International 1086 and Brandon playing catch on the old yellow hay wagon… as the John Deere 326 kicker lobs another dusty one up to his waiting arms… square bales, July 2015.

Round Bales

Watercolor… baling alfalfa hay… round bales on the upper field, August 2015.

New Holland 835 Baler

Watercolor… 07/16/2016 … the round baler… giving birth… baling hay and running hard against the threat of a storm. Sometimes it’s a close call.

Thanksgiving Day

Watercolor… A break in the harvest. November 26… Thanksgiving Day, 2015… corn harvest comes to a halt and the John Deere S550 Combine sits idle in the field as everyone takes time for family and friends. 

John Deere Side Hill 9500

Watercolor… “Last Light Soy”, Lehigh County. Pennsylvania. The John Deere Sidehill 9500 Combine Tractor is truly something to behold. The Sidehill 9500 has a hydraulically controlled, self leveling, articulated chassis, that maintains its vertical orientation for the grain bin and operator, while the grain head and running gear tilt and follow field contours. In the… Read more »

November Green

Watercolor… harvesting corn, one bright and brisk afternoon… Robert Gehman with the John Deere 9500, Sidehill Combine… working his way through the middle field.

November Soy

Watercolor… early November harvest… outside of Coopersburg, Pennsylvania… unloading the combine, transferring soybeans into a trailer for transport… Gehman and the Deere 9500 will continue on to the next field.

November Corn Case 1660

Watercolor… a late November afternoon, and the 1660 Case Combine cuts through another field of corn.

A Bad Day

Watercolor… this is October 18th … 2008Forage wagon separated from the chassis and went over… not a good thing in the middle of harvest.