Commission Building Artwork

A Watercolor Painting of Your Home or Business

You have a nice home and you are proud of what you’ve accomplished. Maybe it’s the old homestead, the family business, or the old corner store… they joy and memories you have of growing up. Your heritage.

You can have those memories and the beauty of your home, illustrated with a good watercolor painting, crafted in the classic style. Hand drawn and painted, brilliant Winsor & Newton paints on premium 140lb. d’Arches, watercolor papers. A watercolor portrait of your home is composed, drawn, and painted by hand.

The Commission Process

I can work from just about anything you can send me. Though… with more information from you, the final watercolor painting may be enhanced with more detail. Follows, are some guidelines to help you to provide me with a good range of reference materials.

Look at your home from several different angles and at different times of the day, in order to determine the best view. How does the sun strike it? Generally, a painting of your home will look it’s best if the main entryway is bathed in some sun light. If the entry to your home is to the north, try to include an illuminated side… perhaps with the raking light of morning or late afternoon sun. Choose a time of day when there are interesting shadows. The architecture, the parts that make up the building, the bits & pieces that project and cast shadows, such as the eves, porches, bays, dormers… are the details that define the character of your home. This character is best defined in a painting, by the play of light on surfaces and the shadows that are cast.

Provide clear photographs and at least one photograph that frames your entire home in one print. If you can not fit your entire home into one print, take a sequence of photographs… like the example of the “photo montage”, above. Take several shots from the same location, viewing and panning from one side to the other, and up and down if necessary… over lap the views, so they will match together. Within the same sequence, include views of the landscape to the left and right, the sky and the foreground. The intent of this sequence is to create a panoramic, reference image of your home, in it’s full environmental context.

Provide a few closer, detail photos… such as a view of the full entryway, a full first floor window, a 2nd floor window, or a dormer, or a porch, a chimney… If you think a feature is interesting, snap a photo of it. If a part of your home doesn’t show up well, because it’s in shadow, return at another time of the day, or perhaps on an overcast day and take additional photos that will help me understand what occurs in the “dark” areas. Identify detail photos on the back, if their location isn’t obvious. As example… “2nd window from the left, 1st floor”.

If the color of your photography is “off”, you ought to tell me so, by adding comments to the back of the photo. As example… “This print is too blue… roof is actually a more reddish brown ! ” or, “Roof color is correct in this photo.” If you have a paint chip or actual color sample, send it along.

Generally, the landscape shown in the painting will match the full sequence photograph(s) that you make. If there is a landscape feature that you do not want in the painting, you should make a note of it. As example… If you want a particular tree left out of your painting, you ought to inform me as to what is behind it, or in it’s place. If there is a feature you wish to draw my attention to, please provide a closer view. I will then compose a preliminary pencil sketch and transfer it to a watercolor paper.

Your painting will be in watercolor, on 12″ x 16″, 140 lb. d’Arches, 100% cotton paper, with a 2-1/2″ double mat… for a finished, frame-able size of 16″ x 20″. The format will be horizontal, unless a vertical format is more suitable to your home. Framing is not included in the commission.

The price is $650.00 USD.

Work on your painting will commence, upon receipt of your reference photographs and a 50%, non refundable initiation fee of $325.00. Please include your address, phone number and shipping address. I will contact you by email, as confirmation of receipt of your reference materials and the initiation fee, and for a review of your project… and to clarify any details that may be unclear in the photographs.

Work begins with the creation of the “pencil sketch”. I reserve the right to contact you at various times, as additional questions my arise during the sketch or painting phase. Your timely response to any questions, has a direct impact on the work schedule. At the completion of the “pencil sketch”, I will upload a .jpg of the “sketch” to a private URL… web page, for your review. At the completion of the work, another .jpg image of your “finished watercolor”, will be uploaded for your review and acceptance of the painting, as “finished” and “accepted”. At this date, it is expected that a watercolor painting project, from initiation to delivery, with reviews, will take approximately 30 days. The full balance of $325.00, plus shipping/insurance costs, is due me when the painting is completed, reviewed and accepted by you, and prior to shipping. The finished, original painting (with return of reference materials) is shipped to you flat, via your choice of Federal Express, United Parcel Service or United States Mail. Shipping is an additional cost, and is determined by your choice of carrier and the prevailing rate, from this location (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania 18036). Insurance is available at your discretion, through each carrier, at their prevailing rate.

Note and Greeting Cards

High resolution, 400ppi digital, color balanced, .eps, .jpg or .pdf files of your watercolor painting, suitable for reproduction as a note or greeting card, can be provided on CD at slight additional cost. If you wish, JMAF can arrange printing for you and deliver finished cards, with your watercolor painting on the front of the card, with a blank white inside and plain, matching envelopes. Please contact us for details and current pricing.