Henrietta Moyer Landis Jahnsen
Old Durner Organs Continue to Speak
Saint John Publishing, Quakertown, Pennsylvania,1999.
XIV + 198 pp., 8-1/2 x 11" perfect bound soft cover 200 images,
5 color page/collages, 3 black/white page/collages.

From Dr. John Speller Review - The Tracker - Journal of the Organ Historical Society Volume 43, Number 4, 1999, Page 10 Quote -

"Mrs. Jahnsen describes her book as 'a human interest expose.' It is certainly a most delightful and unusual piece of research. Concentrating on ten instruments by Quakertown organ builder Charles F. Durner (1838-1914) and his son, Charles E. Durner (1863-1932), Mrs. Jahnsen sets out to study the organists who played them, their families and students, triumphs and tragedies. In doing so she weaves a fascinating tapestry of human relationships and musical accomplishments. It is remarkable how many of the musicians bred on Durner instruments went on to achieve prominence as musical directors of important churches or as concert organists. Quite a few became O H S members. This surely cannot be coincidence, and we are left asking the question which Mrs. Jahnsen poses at the beginning of the book: "Was it the work of Durner and the speech of his instruments that motivated so many seriously to study music?'"

In 1859 Charles Frederick (Goll) Durner, a 22 Year-old German immigrant organ builder joined parents at Zion Hill Pennsylvania after serving apprenticeship with an uncle in Germany -- C.F. Durner & Family operated organ works from Quakertown, PA (1861-1932)
Part 1 - Known Durner Family Members; known Durner Organ Company Technicians; Known Music Personnel from 10 selected Bucks County Pennsylvania Durner Organ Churches
Part 2 - Listings of extant/extinct Durner pipe organs from 10 selected Bucks County churches, plus interesting extant Durner organs & locations beyond the parameters of Bucks County

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Author-Henrietta Moyer Landis Jahnsen (Mrs. James T. Jahnsen) Research Consultants: Calvin H. Ruth-David Luther Zweier Weamer-Helen Fretz Funk Urbanchuk (Mrs. Joseph Urbanchuk)

Painting: Tohickon Union Church . Snow Scene by Hilda Heinrich . Painting owned by John & Ruth Moyer
Photograph by Elynor Landis

Top Photo: Tohickon Union Church's Durner (1917-1918) played by Dorothea Heefner Heckman.
Photograph by William F. Heefner

Inset Photo: 1908 Durner Organ at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church at Tinicum.
Photograph by Diane C. Allison

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Recreation of C. F. Durner Letterhead 1907 to Zion Lutheran Church