The Participants Represented at the Confrontation

The Confrontation at the
Sign of the Red Lion Tavern in Quakertown . March . 6 . 1799
Painting by James R Mann . 1980

The 32" x 48" acrylic on canvas painting, dramatizes the events of March 6, 1799. The tax resistors had marched from Milford to Quakertown where they confronted the tax assessors. Assessor Everard Foulke is being pulled from his horse by Daniel Fries, John Getman and George Mumbauer while the tax protesters jeer. William Thomas, Jacob and John Hoover are depicted in front of the tavern; Frederick Heaney, John Fries, Capt. Kouder and Conrad Marks stand on the tavern's porch. Assessor Chephas Childs attempts an escape.

Samuel Landis, a Quakertown antiques dealer, nurturing a life long interest in revolutionary history, was fascinated by the local saga of John Fries and specifically the confrontation that had occurred, at what is now the Red Lion Inn, in Quakertown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. James Mann had recently completed a large mural depicting the bivouac of the Liberty Bell's escort, an event that took place at the same inn in 1777, during the bell's trip from Philadelphia to it's hiding place in Allentown, in the early years of the American Revolutionary War. In 1979, Landis commissioned Mann to illustrate the confrontation between John Fries and the local assessor(s). The painting was completed in 1980. The present owners, Douglas and Dee Hutchinson, acquired the painting from Landis a few years later, in the mid 1980's.

The painting was reproduced in Harry C. Adams reference work, "The Direct Tax of 1798, Upper Bucks", published in 1994 by Adams Apple Press and again in 1996, when Adams Apple Press republished W.W.H. Davis A.M.'s 1899 book, "The Fries Rebellion" as a 200th anniversary edition. It is reproduced in full color, as the dust jacket of Dr. Paul Douglas Newman's book: "Fries's Rebellion, The Enduring Struggle for the American Revolution", published in 2004 by The Penn Press

A signed and numbered, limited edition of 100... 13" x 19" glicee print on 15" x 21", 80lb., watercolor paper... is available of this painting for $100.00, plus 6% PA Sales Tax, plus US Mail shipping & handeling within the continental United States.

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