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  1. to make clear or intelligible, as by example; exemplify
  2. to furnish with drawings or pictorial representations
    intended for elucidation or adornment
My name is James R Mann and I am an illustrator for hire.
I work in watercolor, gouache, acrylic, pen & ink and digital...
but lately... mainly watercolor...
I like watercolor.

Commissioned work is welcome. If you like what you see...
and you think your project can use my hand... or if you just want
to say hello... give me a call or a post.
If you are interested in purchasing existing original art, please have a look at this page: "Art for Sale".

Giclee Prints are available of many of my watercolors...
Buy Giclee Prints of farm watercolor paintings.
Buy Giclee Prints of railroad watercolor paintings.
Buy Giclee Prints of lighthouse watercolor paintings.
(Note... the last day to order prints, that can be delivered and received before any year end holidays, is December 15.)

Note Cards of several watercolor paintings...
and... please have a look at my pages on how to commission a "watercolor painting of your home, or business"... the process applies to most any other subject... aircraft, automobile... truck... train... tractor...
all inquiries are welcome...

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