Original Art For Sale.

I am happy to discuss new projects with you or converse over older work that you may wish to purchase as original art. An alphabetical list of art identifies images of drawings and paintings, marked as "Collection of the Artist . For Sale"... that are currently, original art available for purchase. Each listed art work is linked back to it's own portfolio page for further viewing.

Individual pricing varies by size and complexity. If you wish to purchase original art. Or... if you just want to say "Hello"... ask me a question, or make a comment... Please send an email message to me. Thank you.

Welcome to the Art Farm

Images of watercolor paintings in the agricultural, lighthouses & railroad & miscellaneous portfolios, and a few in the narrative portfolios... are available for your use in reproduction, per a standard "Non-exclusive Artwork License". Copies of most of these illustrations are available for purchase as giclee prints. Original art may be commissioned for private purchase or licensed use. Payment is accepted in the forms of paypal, personal, business or bank check, postal money order, or via Western Union.

Pursuing my life long love... to draw and paint... apprenticed for a while, and then offering my own work as an architectural illustrator... and now with over fifty years of professional experience, providing illustration to a varied international list.

Please check the pages on how to commission a "watercolor painting of my home, or business"... the process applies to most any other subject... aircraft, automobile, etc.

Note Cards are available of selected watercolor paintings.

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If you like what you see... and you think your project can use my hand... please give me a post.
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