Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 #4935 on the Northeast Corridor at Arsenal Tower West Philadelphia . Watercolor . 20" x 14"

... The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) with General Electric (GE), built 139 of these articulated, 4-6-6-4, electric locomotives from 1934 to 1943
in their Altoona, PA shops. The unique GG1 shell design was originally penned by Donald Roscoe Dohner and subsequently refined and streamlined
by Raymond Loewy. GG1's were used in both passenger and freight service. In 1961 the Pennsylvania Railroad merged with the New York Central
Railroad to form the Penn Central and all of these locomotives were painted black. In 1971 Amtrak purchased and/or leased 51, repainting and
renumbering them... all except GG1 #4935, which kept its old PRR/PC number. In 1975 Paul Reistrup, president of Amtrak, authorized a complete
rebuild and restoration of #4935 to it's original PRR Brunswick Green paint scheme with gold pinstripes at Amtrak's Wilmington, DE shops.
On May 15, 1977, #4935 made it's "inaugural" run, pulling Amtrak coaches, from Union Station, Washington DC, to Penn Station in New York City.
PRR GG1 #4935 is illustrated passing Arsenal Tower in West Philadelphia, heading into 30th Street Station along the Northeast Corridor. PRR #4935 is
currently on display at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum in Strasburg, PA... as well as #4800 (#4899), the original Dohner GG1 prototype...
known as "Old Rivets".

A Giclee Print is available of this watercolor painting / railroad art.

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