Reading Railroad GE U30C #6300 . Hamburg . Pennsylvania . Watercolor . 14" x 20"

... They're called U-Boats... and the Reading Railroad (RDG) purchased five of these General Electric Universal Series U30C locomotives...
numbered 6300 through 6304... through the summer and fall of 1967. These particular 3,000-horsepower, six-axle units were so new at the time,
that they were built using the older U28C bodies. The Reading U-Boats were first deployed at the head of heavy ore drags, along my old stomping
grounds... on Reading's Bethlehem Branch. In 1976 these units were painted "Premier Blue" and entered into service with CONRAIL (CR) until their
1982 retirement and sale to the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad (CNW)... who then traded them in 1989, back to GE for newer equipment. In 1991,
RDG #6300 was reacquired from GE, by the Reading Railroad Technical & Historical Society... repainted to it's original RDG Yellow & Green
"Bee Line Service" livery and is presently undergoing a slow restoration at the Society's Hamburg facility.

A Giclee Print is available of this watercolor painting / railroad art.

... from my pencil sketch, drawing on site August 30, 2014 at the Reading Railroad Heritage Museum in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

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