Point Escuminac Lighthouse . New Brunswick . Canada . Watercolor . 9" x 12"

... the Point Escuminac Lighthouse resides at the end of a long rutted trail on the northeast tip of New Brunswick, marking the New Brunswick side of the entrance to both Miramichi Bay and the Northumberland Strait. After a protracted funding, or lack of funding, debacle... the first light on site, a wooden octagonal tower and wood keeper's house was completed and entered service in 1941. Built on top of a sandstone shelf, erosion eventually reduced the tower's proximity to the sea from 90 to 30 feet... until 1962 when storm waters reached into the base of the structure. The tower remained in its tenuous location as additional auxiliary structures were built around it until the entirety of the complex was demolished in 1966. A new, 70-foot, hexagonal, concrete light tower, a foghorn and a weather station was quickly built in its place the same year. Presently, the Point Escuminac light is the only example of an "apple-core" lighthouse design erected in New Brunswick.

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