Narragansett Pier Casino Towers . Narragansett Bay . Rhode Island . Watercolor . 12" x 16"

... quad granite towers and their connecting arched bridgeway are all that remain... of the original and once spectacular, 1888 Narragansett Casino, designd by the architectural firm of McKim, Mead and White... following a devastating fire that started in the adjacent Rockingham Hotel and burned everything to the ground. Nearby... on the beach, is the original Narragansett Life Saving Station known as the "Coast Guard House". That small and distinctive granite building, also designed by McKim, Mead & White was built in the same years as the casino. The Life Saving Station "Coast Guard House" sort of survives, but it was surrounded and swallowed up in the 1960's, by the uninspiring structure of a restaurant operating under the same name. I visited the towers in November. Everything was closed and it was pretty quiet... it's mainly a summer resort town.

... for a 9" x 12" giclee print on 11" x 14" watercolor paper

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