Matane Lighthouse . Gaspe Peninsula . Quebec . Canada . Watercolor . 9" x 12"

... the first Matane lighthouse was built west of the mouth of the Matane River opening into the 33 mile wide, at this point... St Lawrence River, in the town of Matane on the northwestern coast of the Gaspe Peninsula in 1873. It was a square tapered wood tower with an attached keeper's house. In 1894, in a response to shoreline erosion... the entire facility was moved 100 feet further inland to its present location. In 1906 the sufficiently deteriorated tower was replaced with a 37-foot tall, concrete cylinder. A new keeper's house was added in 1909. In 1951, the light was deactivated and the lighthouse was sold to the Historical Society of Matane, and eventually acquired by the Municipality of Matane. I believe it is currently a museum, although it was closed when I visited in October.

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