Reading Railroad ALCO Century C630 #5308 . Green Lane Station . Watercolor . 14" x 20"

... Reading Railroad (RDG) Bee Line Service rolls through Green Lane and it's small freight siding. The combination passenger and freight station building was erected by the Perkiomen Railroad around 1872. The Perkiomen Line eventually extended between Emmaus and Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The line was acquired by the Reading as the Perkiomen-Reading Railroad in 1945 and then fully absorbed in the mid-1970's. By the end of 1955, passenger service over this route had been terminated and in 1966, the station was demolished. The stone house, opposite the crossing of Route 29, remains and is the only aid to identifying the station's former location. Rail has been removed from Green Lane south and the Perkiomen Branch right-of-way turned into a rail trail. To the north, several miles of track are abandoned or removed although the East Penn Railroad (EPRY) currently operates and provides freight service as needed, on the track remaining, connecting between Pennsburg through the Dillengersville Tunnel to Emmaus.

... the Reading Railroad owned 12 of these 6 axle, 3000 horsepower, ALCO Century Series, C630 diesel electric locomotives... purchased in two separate build orders. 7 were delivered in 1966 & 5 delivered in 1967. RDG#5308 was part of the 2nd group which were now equipped with upgraded trucks. 5308 went to CONRAIL (CR) in 1976 and renumbered CR#6761. In 1986 she was discovered in storage in Illinois and purchased by the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society. The locomotive was returned to Pennsylvania, restored and has been repainted to her original "Bee Line" livery. Currently, #5308 is kept in operating condition in the Society's Hamburg museum yard. Illustrated as she looked during a 2014 visit.

A Giclee Print is available of this watercolor painting / railroad art..

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