Reading Railroad GP7 #621 and #622 . Lebanon Valley Cutoff . Circa 1958 . Watercolor . 16" x 12"

... the Reading Railroad (RDG), Lebanon Valley Cutoff was built to allow through trains to bypass the congestion of the Reading's shops and yard, located in the City of Reading, Pennsylvania. On lead... RDG #621... a 1,500 hp, V16 diesel electric locomotive, GP7... built by EMD for the Reading in May, 1953. It served with the Reading for 22 years before being sold to the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad (MPA) in 1975 and re-numbered as #86 and then as #1506. The locomotive was sold by the Ma & Pa in 1997, to the East Penn Railroad (EPRY). She was purchased by the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society in 2003 and moved to Hamburg, Pennsylvania. She has been restored, to her 1953 as purchased livery and is on display as RDG #621 as of 2017.

... this is a commissioned piece... my "snow scene" intepretation of an old B&W summer photo, originally reproduced in the Reading Railroad's 1958 publicity brochure titled "The Reading, Building A Modern Railroad".

A Giclee Print is available of this watercolor painting / railroad art.

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