Book Cover "3D Doodles" . M Pat DuBois . Deneba Canvas . 11" x 8-1/2"

... cover illustration, puzzles, instructions, and related graphics for an activity book package titled, "3D Doodles" by M. Pat DuBois. The book consists of 12 "connect-the- dots" puzzles created to be viewed as 3 dimesional drawings when completed. There is an introductory book of simple puzzles and a more advanced version with more complex puzzles. The package includes a "3D Doodles" book with instructions, a 6" straight edge, a pair od 3D glasses and two markers, color optimized for the glasses' lenses.

james mann art farm
©2005 M. Pat Dubois, James Mann, & 3D Doodles - all rights reserved