Miscou Island Lighthouse . New Brunswick . Canada . Watercolor . 9" x 12"

... this lighthouse located at the entrance of the Chaleur Bay, was built in 1865 along the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, at Birch Point Cape; the northeast tip of Miscou Island. The white shingled, tapered octagonal, wood tower was originally 36 feet tall with an iron lantern room at the top housing a succession of oil-fired lamps. A fog horn building was added to the site in 1874. The tower's catoptric lighting, installed in 1894, was replaced with a third-order Fresnel lens in 1908. In 1903, tower height had been raised to 79 feet and then In 1946, the tower was moved 200 feet inland to escape threatening erosion. The Miscou Island Lighthouse is a Canadian National Historic Site since 1974. It is an active light.

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