Clover Leaf Feed Mill . Milford Square . Bucks County . Pennsylvania . Watercolor . 12" x 16"

... the Clover Leaf Feed Mill was established in 1926, by the Rosenberger family, along the original 1858 "Steinsburg and Milford Square Turnpike" in Upper Bucks County. A road that was eventually extended to connect Quakertown with Pennsburg at Milford Square and rerouted to bypass the village altogether. Clover Leaf Mill operated as an Agway Store and remained in operation until sometime in the very late 90's or mid ought's...? I distinctly remember denting the tailgate of my brand new 2500 Dodge, backing into the loading dock in 1996. Back when I was more actively involved in farming and raising animals, I used to buy seed and get my corn ground and mixed into a very tasty, steer feed (as good as any granola you might find today in a specialty food store... trust me on this) and also purchased a quality hog mash. That closing was a sad day. Dick & Nels... everyone there... were good people. I learned a lot from them. Not the least being... how to tie a proper slipknot on a feedbag.

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