South Perkasie Covered Bridge . Circa 1957 . Watercolor . 12" x 16"

... what is known today as the South Perkasie Covered Bridge, was constructed with County money in 1832, extending Benjamin's Road across the Pleasant Spring Creek. It's the second bridge built across this creek and the name "South Perkasie" wasn't used until the village of Bridgetown (Benjamin) was incorporated, around 1900 into the Perkasie Borough. Over time, this one lane bridge became a choke point for local traffic, was condemned and a modern, concrete replacement was proposed in the early 1950's. The bridge, being the oldest covered bridge in Bucks County and third oldest in Pennsylvania, spurred a grass roots preservation movement to save it. In 1958, this 93-foot-long, Town Trussit bridge was lifted off its (now South Main Street) piers, and over 8 days... around a tight corner and up Walnut Street, moved 1 mile into Perkasie's Lake Lenape Park. Today it sits on new abutments spanning dry land. This painting illustrates how the bridge stood, on it's original site, prior to the move. The surrounding area here, looks much the same as it did in the fifties. Following several changes of ownership, the old Savacool Feed Mill on Walnut Street, is still in business, hay fields are now yards, the grade of South Main Street is now elevated, the new concrete bridge is wide and flat... and of course... my childhood friends on both sides of this old bridge have moved on.

... for a 9" x 12" giclee print on 11" x 14" watercolor paper

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