Jackson's Sawmill Covered Bridge . Quarryville . Lancaster County . Watercolor . 12" x 16"

... also known as Eichelberger's Covered Bridge, this Double Burr Arch Truss was built in 1878 by John Smith and Samuel Stauffer and stretches just shy of 150 feet over the Octoraro Creek on Mt Pleasant Road. In testament as to how well these bridges were constructed, even if not well anchored... Jackson's Bridge was lifted off it's piers and flood washed downstream, mostly in one piece in 1985. It was then reset 3 feet higher than previously and saw some additional rehabilitaion in 2005. With relatively little major cross traffic, this bridge has survived fairly well. It is painted Barn Red with white portals.

... for a 9" x 12" giclee print on 11" x 14" watercolor paper

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