Hunsecker's Mill Covered Bridge . Manheim Township . Lancaster County . Watercolor . 12" x 16"

... built by John Russell in 1843, the Hunsecker's Covered Bridge, at 180-feet in length, carries Hunsecker Road over the Conestoga Creek in Manheim Township, Lancaster County. It's a Double Burr Arch Truss design that has been lifted and swept downstream by flood waters many times... until Hurricane Agnes finally finished her off in 1972. The bridge, standing today, is a rebuild, dating from 1973. This Hunsecker's Bridge is not painted red and white. The wood looks to be weathered Oak or Cedar and the portal ends are covered by the more recent pattern, on these bridges, of battens overlapping board planks. The pointed stone piers, are not original. Every covered bridge in Lancaster County has been rehablitaed to some degree over the years... or there would not be any left.

... for a 9" x 12" giclee print on 11" x 14" watercolor paper

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