Mood's Covered Bridge #2 . Perkasie . Pennsylvaniaa . Watercolor . 9" x 12"

... not only is this the second time I've painted this bridge... not counting an even earlier pen & ink drawing... it's also the second Mood's Bridge. The original 1874 Mood's Bridge was burned to the deck by arsonists in 2004. This bridge is a fairly faithful reproduction, erected in 2007. Mood's Covered Bridge has been photographed and painted often, usually viewed from what is now a more accessible, downstream, park like setting. This is the upstream view, looking west in 2020, from the north bank of the Perkiomen Branch Creek. Few people, other than a few determined fishers, meander back here due to the dense undergrowth and irregular terrain... which, of course... is why I'm here.

... for a 9" x 12" giclee print on 11" x 14" watercolor paper

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