Zook's Covered Bridge . Leola . Lancaster County . Watercolor . 12" x 9"

... Zook's Covered Bridge was built in 1849 across the Cocalico Creek, unsurprisingly... by Henry Zook. This well preserved, barn red, single span, double Burr arch truss bridge, at 74-feet in length, is also known as the Zook's Mill Covered Bridge, the Wenger Covered Bridge, Rose Hill Covered Bridge or Cocalico Bridge #7. Zook's Bridge is one of the few that have not been destroyed or required an extensive rebuild over the years, due to exposure to extreme weather... even as the flood waters of 1972's Hurricane Agnes, put the entire deck under 6-1/2 feet of the raging torrent of Cocalico Creek. In this view... that is up to the height of the top of the Burr arch. The Zook's Bridge was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
... this is the cover illustration for the publication: "Lancaster County Covered Bridges - A Traveler's Guide"... by Eric Riback, Bella Terra Maps.

... for a 12" x 9" giclee print on 14" x 11" watercolor paper

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