Lehman's Pond . Haycock Mountain . Watercolor . 16" x 12"

... Edward Lehman was a great illustrator, my mentor and I apprenticed to him.
Ed had a wonderfully secluded old farm & his pond just below the studio, was one of the most peaceful spots on earth.
This view is from a small feeder stream that flows out of the woods and opens into the 3 acre pond, located farther along and toward the right.

JFK Library on-line images of interior illustrations from Ed's series of watercolors, commissioned by Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, during the restoration of the White House, Red, Green & Blue Rooms, and subsequently published as the official White House Christmas Cards during the term of President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy. Prints of Lehman's White House watercolors can sometimes be found on the JFK Library & Museum site... however, they seem to keep moving the link around.

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