Lighthouse Art & Illustration

Lighthouses are unto a world all of their own. Beacons for safe passage in perilous and harsh locations. Built of wood, stone, brick, concrete or steel… Sometimes they survive and stand for hundreds of years… Sometimes the wind and the sea take them down and turn them to rubble, dust and memories. Giclee Prints are available of all of these lighthouse watercolor paintings / lighthouse art.

7 Foot Knoll Light – MD

Watercolor… Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse. Maryland. One of the first of it’s type, fabricated off site and then assembled in the mouth of the Patapsco River. This prefabricated round steel structure replaced the original cast iron octagon dwelling in 1875. In 1988, it was moved from it’s original Chesapeake Bay location, into the Baltimore Inner… Read more »

30 Mile Point Light – NY

Watercolor… 30 Mile Point Lighthouse. Lake Ontario. New York. Thirty miles east of the outlet of the Niagara River into Lake Ontario… located in Golden Hill State Park, near Barker, New York.

Absecon Light – NJ

Watercolor… the Absecon Lighthouse sits on the north point of Atlantic City at the Absecon Inlet to New Jersey. Reportedly the 3rd tallest masonry lighthouse in the United States… it was designed by George Meade, who at the time, was a U.S. Army engineer involved in various coastal constructions. This lighthouse was completed and fired… Read more »

Amelia Island Light- FL

Watercolor… Amelia Island hugs the coast and is the northern most barrier island of Florida, marking the spot where St. Mary’s River empties into the Atlantic Ocean. The light tower, the oldest in Florida… was originally built in 1838 on Cumberland Island, land that is now a part of Georgia, but was the southern most… Read more »

American Shoals Light – FL

Watercolor… following years of groundings, strandings and shipwrecks… and continuous rejection by the United States Congress to provide the funding necessary to complete a string of lighthouses along the length of the Florida Keys… a tall pole was driven into the shallow bottom of the reef and topped with a white drum. Two years later,… Read more »

Assateague Light – VA

Watercolor… this is watercolor #2 from a sketch made October 15, 2002… a cold, wet and windy day. The lighthouse on Virginia’s Assateague Island is not quite as close to the sea, as it once was. Atlantic Ocean currents have pushed enough sand, south around the peninsula, so that it now sits sheltered within Tom’s… Read more »

Bald Head Light – NC

Watercolor… North Carolina. The 1817, 110-foot tall, brick octagonal, Bald Head Island light tower, originally called the Cape Fear Light, is known by its nickname “Old Baldy”. It is the 2nd light put into service at this location. The first, erected in 1794… built too close, on the bank of the Cape Fear River, was… Read more »

Barcelona Light – NY

Watercolor… this 40-foot tall, conical fieldstone tower, was constructed on a bluff overlooking Portland Harbor on Lake Erie, at the town of Westfield, New York in 1829; about the same time that Westfield and Portland Harbor were renamed “Barcelona”. Interestingly, a nearby creek… aptly named “Burning Spring”, because it was actually flammable… flowed over a… Read more »

Barnegat Light – NJ

Watercolor… from the September, 2012 road trip. Another George Meade designed lighthouse… built a few years before the Civil War in 1858. This 172-foot tall tower replaced an 1835 tower that fell in 1857. This newer light tower, known as “Old Barney”, originally had a keeper’s triplex sitting adjacent, but that building was abandoned and… Read more »

Barnegat Lightship LV79

Watercolor… lightships were first deployed along the Atlantic coast of the United States in 1820. Their purpose being to mark navigation in areas too far from land based lighthouses to be visible or useful. The 1st American lightship was stationed in the Chesapeake Bay. Barnegat LV 79, a 129 foot long, 668 ton lightship, was… Read more »

Bass Harbor Light – ME

Watercolor… it’s all about the rocks.The lighthouse at Bass Harbor Head is interesting, though access is limited by Coast Guard and Homeland Security fencing. This 1858 Maine lighthouse has been photographed or painted close to a million times from pretty much this same view point. The best overall view is probably from a boat, out… Read more »

Beavertail Light – RI

Watercolor… a lighthouse at Jamestown, Rhode Island on the Narragansett Bay, dates back to 1749. None of that exists today. The existing tower and light keepers house were erected in 1856. A few other buildings were built after 1856… a few were lost to hurricanes… and a few newer structures have been added as time… Read more »

Big Tignish Light – PEI

Watercolor… the Big Tignish River empties into the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the northern coast of Prince Edward Island. In 1877, two fixed navigation beacons, on poles, were aligned for a safe passage into Tignish Harbour and Myrick’s Wharf. That lasted about a year. Big Tignish Lighthouse, a 33 foot tall (35 feet with… Read more »

Blockhouse Point Light – PEI

Watercolor… also called “Rocky Point” … the 1876 Blockhouse Point Lighthouse marks the entrance to Charlottetown Harbour on Prince Edward Island. As near as I have been able to ascertain… the rock is a red sandstone.

Blockhouse Pt #2 – PEI

Watercolor… Prince Edward Island. My second version of this light… this time viewed closer and from the south… looking north toward Charlottetown Harbour, July 2012. This is the third lighthouse on this site, constructed in 1876 with considerable improvements made between 1890 and 1914. The current structure is a stripped down remnant of its former,… Read more »

Biloxi Light – MS

Watercolor…  this 45-foot tall, iron light tower sits right in the middle of US Route 90 in Biloxi, Mississippi. It wasn’t always in the middle of a highway… although, when it was built in 1884, there wasn’t much more then a cart way along the inland side of the beach, which connected the coastal plantations… Read more »

Bodie Island Light – NC

Watercolor… this watercolor painting dates to a 2007 trip along the east coast of the Carolinas… one of the North Carolina Outer Banks lighthouses. This is the 3rd tower on site. The first, built 1847, was abandoned due to an inferior foundation, the second, built 1859 was intentionally burned in 1861, and the current tower,… Read more »

Borden Flats Light – MA

Watercolor… the Borden Flats Lighthouse sits in the middle of Mount Hope Bay in Massachusetts, where the Taunton River empties into that bay. In 1881, a concrete fill, iron caisson was sunk to the bottom, with an iron, “spark plug” type tower, housing a fifth order red lamp, erected 50 feet above sea level… warning… Read more »

Broadwater Light – MS

Watercolor… in the 300 year and counting… history of US lighthouses… the relatively recent, 66-foot tall, cylindrical Broadwater Light was privately built in 1965, marking the marina entrance to the Broadwater Beach Resort… successor to the President Casino Broadwater Hotel & Resort, which originally opened in 1939 on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The entire… Read more »

Buffalo Main Light – NY

Watercolor… New York. Built at the mouth of the Buffalo River on Lake Erie, this 60-foot, octagonal limestone, Buffalo Main light tower replaced it’s 1818 predecessor in 1833 and remained in operation until 1914. The tower entered the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. Presently, it stands adjacent to the US Coast Guard Station… Read more »