Lighthouse Art & Illustration

Lighthouses are unto a world all of their own. Beacons for safe passage in perilous and harsh locations. Built of wood, stone, brick, concrete or steel… Sometimes they survive and stand for hundreds of years… Sometimes the wind and the sea take them down and turn them to rubble, dust and memories. Giclee Prints are available of all of these lighthouse watercolor paintings / lighthouse art.

Cap Chat Light – QC

Watercolor… an official Cap Chat (Cape Cat) Lighthouse was erected in 1871, on the north coast of the Gaspe Peninsula, where the St. Lawrence River opens into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The location was driven primarily for the need to mark a dangerous narrowing of the gulf at this point… as an aid to… Read more »

Cap d’Espoir Light – QC

Watercolor… situated on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, at the north entrance to Chaleur Bay, Gaspe Peninsula, Canada… a name, phonetically butchered from the French “Cape of Hope”… Cap d’Espoir became known as the Cape of Despair for the English, who lost a good portion of their naval force offshore here… wrecked under the command… Read more »

Cap de la Madeleine QC

Watercolor… a 54-foot tall, wooden, hexagonal light tower was erected and lit at the widest point of the St. Lawrence River… 75 miles across… on the northern coast of the Gaspe Peninsula in 1871. This beacon stood, along with several ancillary structures, including a keeper’s quarters until 1908, when it was replaced by the current… Read more »

Cap des Rosiers Light – QC

Watercolor… Cap des Rosiers Lighthouse was built on the rounded, northeast corner of the Gaspe Peninsula and entered service in 1858. It consisted of a large, duplex keeper’s house, attached by a short, enclosed hallway to a 112 foot tower, fitted with a 1st order Fresnel lens. The big keeper’s house was torn down and… Read more »

Cape Ann Lights – MA

Watercolor… located off the coast of Rockport, Massachusetts… also known as the Thacher Island Twin Lights… a pair of wooden navigation towers were originally established in 1771 by the English Government of the American Colonies, to mark this particularly dangerous topography. The current 124 foot tall, twin granite towers were built in 1861 and are… Read more »

Cape Arago Light – OR

Watercolor… the first lighthouse on the Oregon coast was built in 1856 near the mouth of the Umpqua River and it collapsed in 1863. The first lighthouse at Cape Arago was built on Chief’s Island in Coos Bay, on land taken from the Coos Indians, and lit in 1866. Several bridges connecting the island with… Read more »

Cape Bear Light – PEI

Watercolor… the Cape Bear Lighthouse on Prince Edward Island, was constructed as a 40 foot tall, square, tapered tower in 1881. An extended keeper’s home was added in 1899 and the entire facility was moved and relocated inland in 1947 due to creeping erosion along the shoreline. In 1960, the keeper’s house was sold, removed… Read more »

Cape Bonavista Light – NL

Watercolor… The lighthouse on Bonavista Peninsula of Newfoundland … from the 2012 Labrador, Newfoundland road trip. Late afternoon… this is an amazing and incredibly beautiful piece of planet Earth. Humpback whales feed just off the cliffs… Puffins roost and fly from the adjacent rocks… clean… clear air… wow… The Bonavista Lighthouse was completed and lit… Read more »

Cape Canaveral Light – FL

Watercolor… Florida. About a hundred years before the United States started lobbing rockets into space from Cape Canaveral… a lighthouse was constructed on this barrier island to warn shipping of the presence of 12 miles of dangerous coastal shoals. The first Canaveral Light, a 65-foot brick tower, was erected and lit in 1848. By 1859,… Read more »

Cape Canaveral #2 – FL

Watercolor… after my first visit and subsequent in 2017, a new, replica Keeper’s House has been erected by the Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Foundation, along side the existing light, which is the second light tower to be built on this site… a 151-foot tall, brick lined, iron plate tower… erected in 1848. Shortly after construction, this old tower… Read more »

Cape Enrage Light – NB

Watercolor… located on the southern tip of Barn Marsh Island, on the Bay of Fundy, is the site of the first tapered, square (4 sided) light tower built in New Brunswick, Canada. Cape Enrage is an extremely hazardous area for navigation as a submerged rock spur extends nearly half way into Chignecto Bay. The 39-foot… Read more »

Cape Flattery Light – WA

Watercolor… Captain James Cook, an Englishman, discovered and named Cape Flattery, located along the Olympic Peninsula in 1778… in what is now Washington State. And as this most northwestern tip of the United States became populated by the new Americans, a navigation light was erected on Tatoosh Island in 1857, a small rock island taken… Read more »

Cape Florida Light – FL

Watercolor… the original 65-foot tall, tapered, cylindrical, brick Cape Florida light tower and keeper’s house were completed in 1825. The interior stairs of the tower was burned from the ground floor door, up into the lantern room in 1836, during a raid by angry, indigenous Seminole. As the Second Seminole War raged on, the tower… Read more »

Cape Florida Keeper’s FL

Watercolor… the Cape Florida lighthouse is another light with a violent history. The original 65-foot tall, tapered, cylindrical, brick tower and brick keeper’s house were completed in 1825. The interior stairs of the tower was burned from the ground floor door, up into the lantern room in 1836, during a raid by angry, indigenous Seminole…. Read more »

Cape Forchu Light – NS

Watercolor… In 1840, when Cape Forchu Lightstation… the first, was built… Cape Forchu was an island at the mouth of Yarmouth Harbor and the light was atop a 60-foot tall, tapered, octagonal wooden tower. A large, duplex wood frame keeper’s house was soon built adjacent to the tower. A breakwater connecting the island to the… Read more »

Cape George Light – NS

Watercolor… The first lighthouse on Cape George was a wooden structure, built in 1861 as a part of a keeper’s house and it all burned to the ground in 1907. A 2nd, wooden lighthouse was constructed in 1908 and it’s unclear what happened to it. This current, octagonal, concrete light tower, the 3rd at this… Read more »

Cape Hatteras Light – NC

Watercolor… Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina. In 1803, a 90-foot sandstone tower was first erected on these coastal dunes, that proved to be all but invisible for its purpose. In 1852, the tower was raised to a height exceeding 150 feet. The light’s Fresnel lens was removed by Confederate forces in 1861 and replaced by… Read more »

Cape Henry Light – VA

Watercolor… the 90-foot tall, sandstone, Cape Henry Light Tower built in 1792, on top of a 56-foot-high sand dune (on the left) is the oldest standing lighthouse in Virginia and the United States. It was built by John McComb Jr., at the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay… based on the design of the 1767 Cape… Read more »

Cape Jourimain Light – NB

Watercolor… the Jourimain lighthouse sits at the tip of the small Jourimain Island grouping, slightly northwest of Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick, as one of the Northumberland Strait passage, bookend lights between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. This tapered, octagonal tower and a respectable, one and a half story, keeper’s house were erected in 1869,… Read more »

Cape Lookout Light – NC

Watercolor… the first Cape Lookout Lighthouse, a 96 foot tall, brick and wood tower was erected in 1812 as part of a string of lights located along the Outer Banks of North Carolina. By 1850, this tower was both deteriorated and under considerable threat of toppling from erosion. In 1859 a new, 163 foot tall… Read more »