Lighthouse Art & Illustration

Lighthouses are unto a world all of their own. Beacons for safe passage in perilous and harsh locations. Built of wood, stone, brick, concrete or steel… Sometimes they survive and stand for hundreds of years… Sometimes the wind and the sea take them down and turn them to rubble, dust and memories. Giclee Prints are available of all of these lighthouse watercolor paintings / lighthouse art.

Cape May Light – NJ

Watercolor… This is the 3rd incarnation of the Cape May Lighthouse built on the southern most tip of New Jersey… and this, the latest and probablythe last version, constructed in 1859, was designed by then Captain, George Meade, a civil engineer in the United States Army… just a couple of years before the Civil War…. Read more »

Cape Neddick Light – ME

Watercolor… on a little nubble island of rock… off Cape Neddick… near York, Maine. This light station was lit in 1879 and remains in service. The brick and iron sheathed tower at 41- feet tall, stands 88-feet above sea level. Cape Neddick light was added to the National Register of Historic places in 1985.

Cape Ray Light – NL

Watercolor… The first Cape Ray lighthouse, a wooden tower built on a barren high point of land along the southwest coast of Newfoundland… at the island’s lower passage between the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the North Atlantic in 1871… burned down in 1885. A second wooden tower was built and it burned in 1958…. Read more »

Castle Hill Light – RI

Watercolor… around 1870, a light was proposed for the east side of Narragansett Bay, but 20 years passed before various property rights objections were overcome and this 34-foot tall, granite tower was built and illuminated with a kerosene fueled, 5th order Fresnel lens. In 1899, the upper half was pained white. The kerosene lamp was… Read more »

Charlotte Genesee – NY

Watercolor… The 40 foot tall, octagonal sandstone, Charlotte tower was built in 1822. The initial installation of 12 separate oil fired lamps were located inside a large multi-paned iron lantern on top of the tower. Seven years later, in 1829, two 2500 foot long piers were built around the mouth of New York’s Genesee River,… Read more »

Chicago Harbor Light – IL

Watercolor… … a lighthouse was first constructed in 1831, at the mouth of the Chicago River on the Great Lake Michigan to mark the location of a treacherous sandbar… and… that 50-foot tower promptly collapsed before it even entered service. A second tower, at 40-feet, was built the following year. In the early 1850’s, piers… Read more »

Cockspur Light – GA

Watercolor… Cockspur Lighthouse is located offshore of Cockspur Island in Chatham County, Georgia, on the south channel inlet of the Savannah River, adjacent to Fort Pulaski. A first tower was erected in 1839 and illuminated in 1848. Following extensive hurricane damage in 1854, a new structure… the present day light tower… was constructed in 1855…. Read more »

Conneaut Light – OH

Watercolor… two adjacent piers were built in 1829, to establish a port where the “Konyiat Creek” empties out of Ohio and into The Great Lake Erie. In 1835 a small light was erected on the East pier, followed by a larger replacement tower and keeper’s house in 1859 and 1872, respectively… and a beacon placed… Read more »

Covehead Harbour – PEI

Watercolor… the roughly 27-foot tall, Covehead light is a square, tapered tower that replaced a pair of range lights, dating to 1879 and then replaced again in 1917, that were nothing more than two lanterns hung on masts… to mark an entry into Covehead Harbour in Queen’s County, on the North central coast of Prince… Read more »

Currituck Light – NC

Watercolor… along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.It’s interesting how the landscape changes in a hundred years. When the 162-foot, brick, Currituck Lighthouse was first lit in 1875, it stood on a fairly barren piece of coastal real estate. Today it’s surrounded by a thick grove of trees and from most directions, only the lantern… Read more »

Derby Wharf Light – MA

Watercolor… this little, 14-foot tall, square brick box of a tower was erected and first lit in 1871… to augment two smaller, existing lights marking Baker’s Island near Salem, Massachusetts. A 5th order Fresnel lens, with a fixed red light, glowed at 25-feet above high tide. In 1906, a 4th order Fresnel was retrofitted ,… Read more »

Drum Point Light – MD

Watercolor… when this octagonal, 1882 cast iron, screw-pile lighthouse was built and installed in 1883 at the mouth of the Patuxent River in Maryland… it stood out in about 10-feet of water. But the constantly shifting shoreline left it high and dry by 1970. In 1978 the entire structure was removed from it’s original location… Read more »

Dunkirk Light – NY

Watercolor… a lighthouse at Point Gratiot, New York, on Lake Erie was first established in 1827 and fitted with a 3rd-order Fresnel lens in 1857. The current 61-foot stone tower and adjacent Victorian brick keeper’s house were built in 1876. The Fresnel light is still in operation and the Dunkirk Lighthouse was added to the… Read more »

East Chop Light – MA

Watercolor… there were six lighthouses, built on the island called Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Five remain. Two of them sit at the ends of a pair of peninsulas, known as Oak Bluffs, flanking each other as West Chop and East Chop. The West Chop light tower has a keeper’s cottage and the East Chop light… Read more »

East Point Light – NJ

Watercolor… I don’t know why they call this the East Point Lighthouse…this lighthouse is located on the southwest coastline of New Jersey… on the Delaware Bay side of the state… I painted this watercolor in 2012, a month before Hurricane Sandy hit it and pretty much gutted the natural tidal barrier of marshy land seen… Read more »

East Point Light – PEI

Watercolor… East Point Lighthouse sits at the far northeast tip of Prince Edward Island and both it and the coastline have changed their relative proximity over the years. The tower was originally constructed in 1867… 1,600 feet to the west, but after a few shipwrecks it was moved east, so as not to be so… Read more »

Erie Land Light – PA

Watercolor… approved by Congress in 1810, but delayed by the war of 1812, the first Erie lighthouse was built on a high bluff overlooking the Presque Isle Harbor of Pennsylvania and first lighted in 1815. Its 27-foot stone tower and lantern room with 10 oil-fired lamps lasted until about 1857, when settlement was deemed terminal…. Read more »

Esopus Meadows Light – NY

Watercolor… several of these lighthouses have survived in and along the Hudson River through New York. This 1839 example is unique (on the Hudson) in that it’s the only one left with clapboard siding. It sits on 40 foot piers, sunk into the middle of the river bottom and the stone foundation is built on… Read more »

Fairport Harbor Light – OH

Watercolor… the original Fairport Lighthouse on Lake Erie, known as the Grandon Light, was built in 1825 on Lake Erie at the terminus of the Grand River in Ohio. By 1869 the structure had deteriorated so badly that it had to be removed and replaced… and in 1871 the current 68-foot stone tower was constructed… Read more »

Fairport West Light – OH

Watercolor… Ohio’s West Breakwater Lighthouse at Fairport Harbor, on Lake Erie, was built in 1925 near the end of a 1,000-foot stone jetty, off what is now known as the Headlands Beach State Park. This light replaced the former Fairport Harbor (Grandon) Light, located on the opposite side of the Grand River outlet… which was… Read more »