Lighthouse Art & Illustration

Lighthouses are unto a world all of their own. Beacons for safe passage in perilous and harsh locations. Built of wood, stone, brick, concrete or steel… Sometimes they survive and stand for hundreds of years… Sometimes the wind and the sea take them down and turn them to rubble, dust and memories. Giclee Prints are available of all of these lighthouse watercolor paintings / lighthouse art.

Marblehead Light – OH

Watercolor… a 50-foot tall limestone tower was located on the point of the Marblehead Peninsula in Sandusky Bay, Ohio and lit in 1822 with 13 whale oil lamps to guide approaching vessels on Lake Erie. A single kerosene lamp using a Fresnel lens replaced the whale oil lamps in 1858. Another 15 feet were added… Read more »

Matane Lighthouse – QC

Watercolor… the first Matane lighthouse was built west of the mouth of the Matane River opening , at this point… into the 33 mile wide, St Lawrence River at the town of Matane… on the northwestern coast of the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada, in 1873. It was a square tapered wood tower with an attached… Read more »

Milneburg Light – LA

Watercolor… also called the Port Pontchartrain Light… the first structure at Milneburg, a wooden octagon, was built in 1838. This second tower, built of brick was erected in 1855. At that time it was attached to a keeper’s house with out buildings, standing on pilings 3,000 feet into Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. The site was developed… Read more »

Miscou Light – NB

Watercolor… this lighthouse located at the entrance of the Chaleur Bay, was built in 1865 along the Gulf of Saint Lawrence at Birch Point Cape, New Brunswick, Canada; the northeast tip of Miscou Island. The white shingled, tapered octagonal, wood tower was originally 36 feet tall with an iron lantern room at the top housing… Read more »

Montauk Point Light – NY

Watercolor… New York’s Montauk Point Lighthouse, on Turtle Hill, built in 1796, is the 4th oldest navigation light tower in the United States. This tapered, octagonal sandstone citadel, was originally constructed at seventy-eight-feet, with 7-foot thick walls at its base, built over top a 13-foot deep foundation. A large brick Keeper’s house was added in… Read more »

Morris Island Light – SC

Watercolor… This is not the first light tower on Morris Island… although this one… built in 1876, has suffered the immense indignity of loosing all of it’s actual land mass… and the Keeper’s House and all of the other buildings and facilities that once stood on what once was… Morris Island, South Carolina. All gone… Read more »

Navesink Highlands – NJ

Watercolor… When I first saw this Northern New Jersey lighthouse, I was convinced it had once been a fortress. I was wrong of course… but it is a formidable looking collection of stone masonry. Predating this structure… an early pair of cylindrical towers and a keeper’s house had been erected in 1828. In 1841, both… Read more »

New Canal Light – LA

Watercolor… a lighthouse at the mouth of the New Basin Canal on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana, dates back to 1837. That original structure was replaced in 1854 and then a 3rd… a two story square, white frame structure with a third story, wooden boxed light tower containing fifth order illumination, was constructed in 1890. In… Read more »

New London Rear – PEI

Watercolor… Canada… New London Rear Range Lighthouse. I managed to time my visits to Prince Edward Island’s North Cape, New London and Rustico lighthouses… inadvertently coinciding with the tail end of Hurricane Matthew, which caused extensive damage over neighboring Cape Breton Island on October 10th of 2016. My timing was not intentional and it was… Read more »

Niagara Light – NY

Watercolor… The Fort Niagara Lighthouse. The first beacon, on the point of land where the Niagara River empties into Lake Ontario… known as the Fort Conti Tower, was erected by the French in 1679. Following the victorious British conclusion of the French and Indian War of 1759… a light was added to the roof of… Read more »

Niagara Rear Range – NY

Watercolor… the Niagara River, Grand Island, Rear Range Light, New York. Also known as the Grand Island Light. Grand Island is a large island situated between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie on the Niagara River, upstream of the Niagara Falls. This… the 2nd Niagara River Rear Range Light, was constructed in 1899, on the eastern… Read more »

North Cape Light – PEI

Watercolor… this 65-foot tall light tower on the windy, northwestern tip of Prince Edward Island, dividing the Gulf of St. Lawrence from the Northumberland Strait, was built in 1865. A keeper’s house was added in 1866. By 1945, that house was in need of repair and the tower itself was in jeopardy of falling to… Read more »

Northport Light – PEI

Watercolor… on the Eastern shore of the Northwestern, upper peninsula of Prince Edward Island… a pair of aligned range lights on Savage Island preceded and led the way to a second pair of lights, located to mark a turning point toward the safest passage, when entering the channel into Alberton Harbour. These lights were originally… Read more »

Oak Island Light – NC

Watercolor… this 153-foot tall, reinforced concrete, candlestick light tower was erected along the coastline of North Carolina, at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, with a 2,500,000 candlepower, DCB-436 Aerobeacon lens in 1958 to replace the third Cape Fear Light built in 1903… which had replaced the Bald Head Lighthouse of 1817 (which still… Read more »

Ocracoke Light #2 – NC

Watercolor… from an early sketch along the Outer Banks… and the second time I’ve painted this light. I visited the Ocracoke Light in the summer of 2007… and also Bodie, Currituck & Hatteras in North Carolina… Morris Island in South Carolina and Tybee Island in Georgia. Built in 1823; Ocracoke Light is the oldest active… Read more »

Olcott Light – NY

Watercolor… this is a replica of the light originally located at the mouth of Eighteen Mile Creek (18 miles east of the Niagara River) in New York. The original, 32-1/2 foot tall, Olcott Lighthouse was built in 1873 on one end of a pair of 880 foot piers, extending into Lake Ontario. In 1930 a… Read more »

Oswego Pierhead Light – NY

Watercolor… the Oswego West Pierhead… located at the mouth of the Oswego River, New York, feeding into Lake Ontario. The first Oswego Lighthouse, built in 1822, as an octagonal tower of stone, lasted until 1841. Between 1841 and 1869 a second stone tower was constructed and upgraded several times until it reached a height of… Read more »

Pascagoula Light – MS

Watercolor… a light and keeper’s house was first built on Round Island, Mississippi in 1833. However by 1854, what shoreline that existed between the light and the Gulf of Mexico was eroded sufficiently to undermine it’s foundation. A barrier of piers were installed, that also proved to be an insufficient protection from Gulf storms. In… Read more »

Patos Island Light – WA

Watercolor… WoW! Situated on Patos Island under the enormity of Washington State’s, Mount Baker… Alden Point is a hardcore, picturesque site. The very first navigation light on Patos, was just a red light on top of a spindly 10- foot pole… although a keeper’s house, foghorn building & ancillary structures were erected during the same… Read more »

Peggy’s Point Light – NS

Watercolor… on Peggy’s Point, Nova Scotia… I have read that this lighthouse and the adjacent, little fishing village of Peggy’s Cove, is the most photographed site in all of Canada. And it very well could be… it’s certainly picturesque and was absolutely crawling with busloads of tourists when I was there. The octagonal, concrete and… Read more »