Lighthouse Art & Illustration

Lighthouses are unto a world all of their own. Beacons for safe passage in perilous and harsh locations. Built of wood, stone, brick, concrete or steel… Sometimes they survive and stand for hundreds of years… Sometimes the wind and the sea take them down and turn them to rubble, dust and memories. Giclee Prints are available of all of these lighthouse watercolor paintings / lighthouse art.

Rose Blanche Light – NL

Watercolor… morning… July, 2012.Along the southwest coast of Newfoundland, lie the twin harbor towns of Rose Blanche. Out on the edge of the white, rocky cliffs of Diamond Cove, sits the Rose Blanche Lighthouse. A granite stone building… locally quarried, big multi-colored granite blocks of rose, gray, tan, brown and blue. This lighthouse entered service… Read more »

Rustico Light – PEI

Watercolor… the North Rustico Harbour Lighthouse , on Prince Edward Island, was built in 1876. It is a 35-foot tall, tapered wooden tower with attached keeper’s house. In 1884 the structure was moved 500 feet closer to the north entrance of the harbour on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Although in 1895, the foundation was… Read more »

Sambro Island Light – NS

Watercolor… the Sambro Island Lighthouse, built in 1758-59, about 3-3/4 miles out in the Atlantic Ocean and south of Sambro Harbour, Nova Scotia, is the oldest lighthouse standing on the continent of North America. The Sambro Light holds this distinction because the British, during their 1776 war against the French in Canada, destroyed the 1734 Louisbourg… Read more »

Sandy Hook Light – NJ

Watercolor… Sandy Hook Light in New Jersey, is the oldest working lighthouse in the United States. It was designed by Isaac Conro and built in 1764, about five hundred feet inland of the northern most tip of a sandy, hook shaped peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic’s inlet to Staten Island. However, over the… Read more »

Sanibel Island Light – FL

Watercolor… after Sanibel Island, off the gulf coast of Florida, was developed as a successful cattle export location, merchants, cattlemen & seamen attempted to get a lighthouse assigned to their Point Ybel Port. Although requests were repeatedly filed, dated from 1856 forward… a light wasn’t financed until 1883. A steel skeleton tower was prefabricated in… Read more »

Saugerties Light – NY

Watercolor… the first Saugerties Lighthouse on New York’s Hudson River, circa late 1830’s, was destroyed by a fire in 1848. A 2nd light was built in 1850, but only survived until 1867, when the Hudson devoured its foundation. Bits of the second structure’s base remain adjacent to the current, brick composite, tower and keeper’s house,… Read more »

Sea Girt Light – NJ

Watercolor… from my 2012 coastal tour of New Jersey lighthouses… the brick Sea Girt lighthouse was built in 1896. The Coast Guard assumed operation of the light from 1939 until it’s decommission in 1955. At that time, the state of New Jersey declined to assume ownership and the facility was purchased by the town of… Read more »

Seacow Head Light – PEI

Watercolor… the Sea Cow is an extinct marine mammal, once found around the Bering Sea in the Northern Pacific and similar in appearance to a very large, present day, manatee. Over years… the name “sea cow” has also been applied to other aquatic animals, such as the still surviving, and actual manatee and the walrus…. Read more »

Selkirk Light – NY

Watercolor… the Selkirk lighthouse was constructed of local stone and the iron railing, forming the birdcage lantern, was built by local blacksmith John Box, at the mouth of the Salmon River on Lake Ontario near Pulaski, New York in 1838. Supposedly, there are only four lighthouses with birdcage type lantern rooms left in the US…… Read more »

Selkirk Light #2 – NY

Watercolor… this is my second painting of Selkirk Lighthouse on Lake Ontario near Pulaski, New York, and here we’re looking south into the mouth of the Salmon River with a better look at the birdcage lantern. The rickety old, two story Selkirk Hotel, that stood to the north, adjacent to the lighthouse, has been demolished and… Read more »

Sodus Bay Light – NY

Watercolor… there are currently two lighthouses standing at Sodus Point, New York. The first, which no longer exists, was a conical tower with an adjacent frame keeper’s house, built in 1825 and demolished following irreparable deterioration in 1871. Illustrated is the second lighthouse… now known as the Sodus Bay Lighthouse. As the first was removed… Read more »

Souris East Light – PEI

Watercolor… located on Knight’s Point, Prince Edward Island, where the Souris River joins the Northumberland Strait at the Port of Souris; a white, tapered square tower was erected in 1880, at 85 feet above sea level. It received a fourth-order, double-flashing Fresnel light in 1907. A keeper’s dwelling, built attached to the light tower, was… Read more »

St. Augustine Light – FL

Watercolor… Several simple light structures were erected by the Spanish in Florida, near the mouth of Matanzas River, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean… following their arrival and colonization of the Florida Peninsula, in the years between 1565… until the Florida Territory’s acquisition by the United States in 1821. Then, in 1824, the Congress of the… Read more »

St. John’s Light – FL

Watercolor… this is the second lighthouse marking the mouth of the Saint Johns River… this one being on the Atlantic coast of Florida. The 64-foot tall, art deco styled, unequal octagon block tower, stands on a bluff overlooking the ocean. This tower was erected in 1954 to replace the Coast Guard’s “Saint Johns” light ship…… Read more »

St. John’s River Light – FL

Watercolor… this, the third light tower built around the mouth of the St. Johns River, Florida, was erected in 1859… the first and second having succumbed to poor soil and erosion. An oil house was added to the 74-foot tall brick tower in 1890. In 1930, the light station was decommissioned, having been replaced by… Read more »

St. Mark’s Light – FL

Watercolor… the first St. Marks Lighthouse was built in the late 1820’s, on a point of land, identifying the inlet to the Port of St. Marks, where the Wakulla River empties into the Apalachee Bay… and the Gulf of Mexico on the northwest Florida coast. A replacement tower was immediately built in 1830. Erosion sufficiently… Read more »

St. Simon’s Light – GA

Watercolor… Georgia’s original 1810, 85-foot tall, oil fired, tapered, octagonal, St. Simons Island Lighthouse was destroyed by Confederate forces in 1862, to deprive the Union Navy of any navigational aid. Ten years later, in 1872, the Federal Government built this new, 104- foot brick tower with a 3rd order Fresnel lens. A 1000-watt electric lamp… Read more »

Stonington Harbor – CT

Watercolor… the Stonington, Connecticut, lighthouse was constructed to replace a light built in 1824, whose location was threatened by erosion. This 1840 stone structure, keeper’s house was originally built with a flat roof, which was replaced two years later by a gable roof to better withstand New England’s coastal weather and harsh winters. The Stonington… Read more »

Stony Point Hudson – NY

Watercolor… over my sketch on site… this rather short and stumpy lighthouse, built in 1826 on top of a very high peninsula, is the oldest lighthouse along the Hudson River in New York. This overlook is also the site of the last major battle of the American Revolutionary War, fought on July 16, 1779, (Battle… Read more »

Stony Point Henderson – NY

Watercolor… The western New York, Stony Point Lighthouse sitting within Henderson Bay on the eastern edge of Great Lake Ontario, at the entrance to Henderson Harbor, was first lit in 1869. The present, combination light tower and keeper’s house was erected in 1945. The US Coast Guard declared the lighthouse surplus in 1960 and the… Read more »