Lighthouse Art & Illustration

Lighthouses are unto a world all of their own. Beacons for safe passage in perilous and harsh locations. Built of wood, stone, brick, concrete or steel… Sometimes they survive and stand for hundreds of years… Sometimes the wind and the sea take them down and turn them to rubble, dust and memories. Giclee Prints are available of all of these lighthouse watercolor paintings / lighthouse art.

Sullivan’s Island Light – SC

Watercolor… South Carolina’s Sullivan’s Island Light, also known as the Charleston Lighthouse, was turned on with twenty-eight million candlepower of light in 1962. It is a modern, concrete, steel & aluminum, triangular tube, 163 feet tall… complete with an interior elevator. The tower was designed by Jack Graham, a 1957 graduate of the School of… Read more »

Tarrytown Light – NY

Watercolor… sometimes called the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse… sometimes called the Kingsland Point Lighthouse… most often called the Tarrytown Lighthouse… this 60 foot tall, cylindrical, concrete, iron and steel “Sparkplug” style lighthouse, built in 1883, once stood about a half mile out, at this location, off the east bank of the 3 mile wide Hudson River… Read more »

Tibbets Point Light – NY

Watercolor… The 58-foot tall, 1854 built, Tibbetts Point Lighthouse sits at the junction of Lake Ontario and the Saint Lawrence River, at the end of County Line Road #6, a little southwest of Cape Vincent, New York. The light was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. The light keeper’s quarters have… Read more »

Tillamook Rock Light – OR

Watercolor… Tillamook Head. Building a lighthouse on the top of this massive basalt rock, over a mile out… off the rugged coast of Oregon was an audacious project from the get-go. In 1879, on the 3rd try, one of the two men attempting to survey this rock for suitability, was swept away and lost at… Read more »

Turtle Rock Light – PA

Watercolor… the Schuylkill River has been an important link in Pennsylvania’s system of commercially exploited waterways, following the initial establishment of the European presence in the United States. The river was dammed at Philadelphia in 1821, to create a controlled source of energy, enabling waterwheels to drive pumps, lifting fresh water out of the Schuylkill… Read more »

Tybee Island Light – GA

Watercolor… Georgia. A lighthouse on Tybee dates back a long way… the first tower was completed in 1736, but collapsed in a 1741 storm. A second structure was built which lasted until threatened by the encroaching Atlantic Ocean and replaced by a third in 1773. Following that, there are then several additional iterations to the… Read more »

Vermilion Light – OH

Watercolor… in 1847 a beacon was erected over a primitive pier, where the Vermilion River empties out of Ohio and into Lake Erie. In 1859 a proper light tower was built with an oil fired, sixth-order lens. By 1877, that all wood tower was rotting away and a decision was made to replace it with… Read more »

Warren Cove Light – PEI

Watercolor… There are two of these nearly identical lights aligned at Warren Cove… Port-la-Joye – Fort Amherst. The alignment of two range lights is a very common practice on Prince Edward Island. The forward light is near the water’s edge and this rear light is located approximately 1,100 feet behind it and further up a… Read more »

Watch Hill Light – RI

Watercolor… Following the demise in 1808, of Watch Hill’s first light, the current Watch Hill Lighthouse was completed and lit in 1856 on a small Rhode Island peninsula poking out into Fishers Island Sound. The 10-foot square, granite block tower stands 45-feet tall, attached to the south corner of a two story, stucco over brick,… Read more »

West Point Light – PEI

Watercolor… Prince Edward Island along the Northumberland Strait. The West Point Light was turned on at a height of 66 feet above high tide in 1876. It is a square, tapered wooden tower with attached, 2 story, keeper’s house. The tower was erected over a stone cribwork foundation with additional stone fill into the first… Read more »

Wickford Harbor Light – RI

Watercolor… the Wickford Harbor Lighthouse in Rhode Island, sat atop a square, wooden tower with an attached keeper’s house… erected over a cylindrical iron & concrete piling at the entrance to Narragansett Bay. It was built in 1882, with a fifth-order Fresnel lens, to augment the 1831 Poplar Point Lighthouse (located on shore, this view,… Read more »

Wood Islands Light – PEI

Watercolor… the Wood Islands Lighthouse (Port Woods Lighthouse) was completed and lit in November of 1876. This lighthouse, located at the southern most point of Prince Edward Island… is a welcoming beacon for all manner of ships and the ferry between Port Woods and the Nova Scotia mainland. Ownership of the facility was transferred from… Read more »

Yaquina Head Light- OR

Watercolor… the luminary apparatus of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, originally called the Cape Foulweather Lighthouse, was built in Paris, France in 1868, shipped to Oregon, assembled and lit in 1873. It sits on top of a concrete over brick, conical tower, standing 93 feet tall, marking the discharge of the Yaquina River into the Pacific… Read more »