Miscellaneous Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm. Gallery of various subjects. Places I’ve been and things I’ve seen… with a few reconstructions. And the next day… it’s all history. Buildings, structures & landscape painting. Click an image below for a larger view of the original art.

Montezuma’s Castle

Watercolor… Arizona… from my pencil sketch, February 2000… the Signagua built this cliff dwelling and many like it, within the natural formations of limestone along the Verde Valley in central Arizona, in the 12th or 13th Century.

Bryce Canyon – Utah

Watercolor… Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge, Utah… color sketch (plein air) on site July, 2006. Limestone, siltstone, dolomite and mudstone erode over very different lengths of time. And this process, that is responsible for all of these hoodoos, arches, ravines, washouts and whatever else is out there… has been going on for more than 60 million… Read more »

Mt Robson – BC Canada

Watercolor… the second of two color sketches I made of Mount Robson, viewed from the Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia… during my trans Canada road trip of 2008. This was in July. The ice and snow covered peak, at about 9,760 feet in elevation, completely disappeared within the clouds. This is reported to be the… Read more »

Point Sublime – Arizona

Watercolor… Point Sublime on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. The view from Point Sublime, looking east… a color sketch (plein air), on site, July 10th, 2006. Point Sublime juts out into the abyss from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon at the very end of 18 miles of a rather quaint… Read more »

SS Natchez IX – NOLA

Watercolor… the stern wheel steamboat “SS Natchez IX” is the 9th New Orleans, Mississippi Steamboat, to carry the name. She was launched in 1975 and is powered by a pair of engines, originally built in 1925, for the riverboat “Clairton”. The steering gear, the bell and whistle are also salvaged from earlier, deceased steamboats. The… Read more »

Antoine’s Restaurant – NOLA

Watercolor… Located on St Louis Street in the heart of the French Quarter, founded by Antoine Alciatore in 1840… Antoine’s Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in New Orleans. It is known for its astounding French-Creole cuisine and is the birthplace of Oysters Rockefeller. We dined here. Admittedly, it is difficult to find any food in… Read more »

JAX Beach Red Cross

Watercolor…  the Jacksonville Beach American Red Cross Life Saving Corps Station was designed by architect Jefferson Davis Powell and built in 1947. The Station was a regional headquarters for training the Red Cross Corps in life saving skills and first aid and served as the medical clinic for the Jacksonville community. This station, run by… Read more »

Narragansett Pier Towers

Watercolor…Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Quad granite towers and their connecting arched bridgeway are all that remain… of the original and once spectacular, 1888 Narragansett Casino, designed by the architectural firm of McKim, Mead and White… following a devastating fire that started in the adjacent Rockingham Hotel and burned everything to the ground. Nearby… on the… Read more »

Stover Myers Mill

Watercolor… Dark Hollow Road, Bedminster Township, Bucks County. The original hydro powered mill facility was built by Jacob Stover around 1800 and upgraded and expanded in 1855 by Christian Myers. The Stover – Myers complex continuously milled local grains and sawed lumber, utilizing a water wheel, then a hydro turbine… and finally by steam. By… Read more »

Giant’s Causeway – Ireland

Watercolor… Giant’s Causeway was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 and a National Nature Reserve, covering roughly 200 acres, in 1987, by the Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland. It is a coastal geographical mass of mostly hexagonal, interlocking basalt columns, some reaching as high as 39 feet. The columns were formed… Read more »

Castillo de San Marcos

Watercolor… on the shore of Matanzas Bay, St. Augustine, Florida… sits Castillo de San Marcos… the oldest masonry fort in the United States. Designed by Ignacio Daza, the fort was constructed by Spain between the years 1672 and 1695. The fort was briefly named Fort St. Mark, during the English occupation of Florida from 1763… Read more »

Ephrata Cloister

Watercolor… Ephrata Cloister, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania… part of a well preserved cluster of buildings, built by members of Conrad Beissel’s religious sect, founded in 1732, following his immigration to the American Colonies from Germany.

Lake Lenape Twin Footbridges

Watercolor… both Perkasie and Sellersville are split by the East Branch of the Perkiomen Creek. Lake Lenape was created between the banks of the Perkiomen… water that backed up behind a dam built above the Main Street Bridge in Sellersville to the Walnut Street Bridge in Perkasie. A widened lake formed where the Pleasant Spring… Read more »

Meadows Road Bridge

Watercolor… after a Spring rain. Meadows Road Bridge in better days. This 102-foot long, 4 span, stone arch bridge was built in 1858 over the Saucon Creek in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. It is the oldest bridge in Lower Saucon Township. And… although maintenance on this bridge over the last 75 years has been somewhat lack-luster,… Read more »

Sellersville Pedestrian Bridge

Acrylic… around 1920, the Reading Railroad built this steel, box truss, pedestrian bridge in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, as a crossover its Philadelphia – Bethlehem trackage which divided the town, linking east and west Church Streets. This bridge was located about a 1000 feet north of the Sellersville Train Station and just south of the location of… Read more »

Blue Shack

Watercolor…. once upon a time, this was a cozy cabin. Now it’s a shack… somewhere out in the woods, next to the Tohickon Creek. February 2021.

Fort Chair Lehigh County

Watercolor… this chair is located as far from human habitation as I can get on my farm. In the shade of a very old and twisted Mulberry Tree, the chair faces East, looking across a small, shallow valley of farm land and pasture. The kids call the structure behind the chair, “The Fort”. It lies… Read more »

Lake Minatare Tower

Watercolor… The North Platte River was dammed in Western Nebraska, creating Lake Minatare, as a Federal irrigation reservoir in 1915, as a follow-up to the Wyoming, Pathfinder Dam – Sweetwater Project of 1908. Lake Minatare covers 2,158 acres and fills most of a 2,970-acre federal waterfowl refuge. This tower is called a “lighthouse” in Nebraska…. Read more »

Coplay Cement Kilns

Watercolor… 9 towering remnants are all that remain of the factory and vertical kilns that were in use, by the Coplay Cement Company, from 1893 to 1904, before they quickly became obsolete in a rapidly expanding and innovative construction industry. This cement plant was built by David O. Saylor in 1871, refining the manufacturing process…… Read more »