Miscellaneous Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm. Gallery of various subjects… buildings, structures & landscape painting. Click an image below for full view of the original art.

Battle Harbour – Labrador

Pencil… four pencil sketches. Battle Harbour is roughly 10 miles (16k) east of Mary’s Harbour into the Labrador Sea (Atlantic Ocean). Battle Harbour is an island, accessible by boat or helicopter. It is a preserved and restored 19th century cod fishing/ processing settlement plus a small private resident community. I had pencil, pen & ink,… Read more »

Otter View – Pennsylvania

Watercolor… plein air, August 22, 2015. Pine Creek Gorge, cutting through the Allegheny Mountain Plateau… also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, varies from 800 to 1,450 feet in depth along its 47-mile length. Located near Wellsboro, PA, the Gorge is bordered by the Leonard Harrison and Colton Point State Parks and portions of… Read more »

Lake Minatare Tower

Watercolor… The North Platte River was dammed in Western Nebraska, creating Lake Minatare, as a Federal irrigation reservoir in 1915, as a follow-up to the Wyoming, Pathfinder Dam – Sweetwater Project of 1908. Lake Minatare covers 2,158 acres and fills most of a 2,970-acre federal waterfowl refuge. This tower is called a “lighthouse” in Nebraska…. Read more »

Coplay Cement Kilns

Watercolor… These 9 towering remnants are all that remain of the factory and vertical kilns that were in use, by the Coplay Cement Company, from 1893 to 1904, before they quickly became obsolete in a rapidly expanding and innovative construction industry. This cement plant was built by David O. Saylor, who refined the manufacturing process… Read more »

Trumbauersville Schoolhouse

Watercolor… it took quite a while to find the actual location of this building… this is how the architecture looked back in an old black & white photograph. The structure has been substantially altered from it’s original construction, nearly unrecognizable, and it’s been converted to a residence. The building stands at the north end of… Read more »

Rock Creek – Oregon

Watercolor… color sketch (plein air) on site, July 9th, 2008.A quiet afternoon… sitting in the shade next to a bubbling creek… painting… reminiscing… sipping a few beers with an old friend…

Backyard Quakertown

Watercolor… indoors, looking out… plein air from the kitchen window, 1984. I lived here for about 13 years. The Krupp Foundry, in the background, across a couple of once open fields and the railroad tracks, was demolished and declared a hazardous “Superfund” site in the early 1990’s. It is now a community park.

South Perkasie Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Perkasie, Bucks County. What is known today as the South Perkasie Covered Bridge, was constructed with County money in 1832, extending Benjamin’s Road across the Pleasant Spring Creek. It’s the second bridge built across this creek and the name “South Perkasie” wasn’t used until the village of Bridgetown (Benjamin) was incorporated, around 1900 into… Read more »

Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Ephrata, Lancaster County. The Keller’s Mill Covered Bridge has had a hard life. Also known as Guy Bard’s Covered bridge and the John W. Rettew’s Mill Covered Bridge… this span was originally built by Elias McMellen in 1873 as a 74 footer, using a Double Burr Arch Truss design… and got washed away in 1891. It… Read more »

Hunsecker’s Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Manheim Township, Lancaster County. Built by John Russell in 1843, the Hunsecker’s Covered Bridge, at 180-feet in length, carries Hunsecker Road over the Conestoga Creek in Manheim Township, Lancaster County. It’s a Double Burr Arch Truss design that has been lifted and swept downstream by flood waters many times… until Hurricane Agnes finally finished… Read more »

Red Run Covered Bridge

Watercolor… New Holland, Lancaster County. Also known as Oberholtzer’s Mill Covered Bridge, the 107 foot long, Red Run Bridge has been replaced by a utilitarian concrete structure, spanning Muddy Creek. This bridge faces, the now extended, Martin Church Road. Contrary to the usual method of salvaging and relocating an obsolete and historic bridge… both Red… Read more »

Erb’s Mill Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Lititz, Lancaster County. Erb’s Mill Covered Bridge, a 76 foot Double Burr Arch Truss, built in 1849, spanning Hammer Creek… located, not surprisingly, on Erb’s Bridge Road, north of the village of Rothville. The original builder is unknown, but this bridge is documented as rebuilt by John G. Bowman in 1887. This spot is rumored to… Read more »

Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge

Watercolor… East Earl, Lancaster County. Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge, also known as Isaac Shearer’s Mill Bridge, carries Weaverland Road over the Conestoga Creek… a tributary of the Susquehanna River. It’s 85-feet long and was built in 1878 by B C. Carter and J F. Stauffer. It is another example of the classic, Double Burr Arch Truss… Read more »

Jackson’s Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Quarryville, Lancaster County. Jackson’s Sawmill Covered Bridge, also known as Eichelberger’s Covered Bridge, this Double Burr Arch Truss was built in 1878 by John Smith and Samuel Stauffer and stretches just shy of 150 feet over the Octoraro Creek on Mt Pleasant Road. In testament as to how well these bridges were constructed, even if not… Read more »

Sawmill Creek Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, Canada. I came upon this covered bridge during a 2016 road trip and know very little about it. Originally built in either 1905 or 1908, the Sawmill Covered Bridge, a 104 foot, Howe Truss design, carried what is now Route 114, across Sawmill Creek in Albert County, New Brunswick. A… Read more »

Sheard Clymer Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Sheard’s Mill Covered Bridge, also known as Clymer’s Covered Bridge or the Thatcher Covered Bridge, was built in 1873, on what is now called (oddly enough)… Covered Bridge Road, near the village of Thatcher. The bridge spans 130 feet over the Tohickon Creek, connecting Haycock and East Rockhill Townships in Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania…… Read more »

Mood’s Covered Bridge #2

Watercolor… Perkasie, Bucks County. Not only is this the second time I’ve painted this bridge… not counting an even earlier pen & ink drawing… it’s also the second Mood’s Bridge. The original 1874 Mood’s Bridge was burned to the deck by arsonists in 2004. This bridge is a fairly faithful, pegged reproduction, erected in 2007. Mood’s… Read more »

Zook’s Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Leola, Lancaster County. Henry Zook built this covered bridge to cross the Cocalico Creek in 1849. The well preserved, barn red, single span, double Burr arch truss bridge, at 74-feet in length, is also known as the Zook’s Mill Covered Bridge, the Wenger Covered Bridge, Rose Hill Covered Bridge or Cocalico Bridge #7. Zook’s… Read more »

Mood’s Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Blooming Glen Road, Perkasie, Pennsylvania … many a youthful day spent fishing, ice skating and exploring the Branch Creek, around and beneath this bridge. Originally named Mood’s Ford Bridge after Samuel Mood’s farm… which later became Merel Bryan’s farm, to the west (to your right, in this view)… and is now the site of… Read more »

Keller’s Church

Watercolor… Saint Matthew’s Lutheran Church, located on the Ridge Road, east of Keelersville, Bucks County .… and locally known as Keller’s Church, was founded in 1742. This building was erected in 1894… and the design, by architect Milton Bean of Lansdale, Pennsylvania… in my eye… is just fantastic!