Miscellaneous Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm. Gallery of various subjects. Places I’ve been and things I’ve seen… with a few reconstructions. And the next day… it’s all history. Buildings, structures & landscape painting. Click an image below for a larger view of the original art.

Erb’s Mill Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Lititz, Lancaster County. Erb’s Mill Covered Bridge, a 76 foot Double Burr Arch Truss, built in 1849, spanning Hammer Creek… located, not surprisingly, on Erb’s Bridge Road, north of the village of Rothville. The original builder is unknown, but this bridge is documented as rebuilt by John G. Bowman in 1887. This spot is witnessed as… Read more »

Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge

Watercolor… East Earl, Lancaster County. Weaver’s Mill Covered Bridge, also known as Isaac Shearer’s Mill Bridge, carries Weaverland Road over the Conestoga Creek… a tributary of the Susquehanna River. It’s 85-feet long and was built in 1878 by B C. Carter and J F. Stauffer. It is another example of the classic, Double Burr Arch Truss… Read more »

Jackson’s Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Quarryville, Lancaster County. Jackson’s Sawmill Covered Bridge, also known as Eichelberger’s Covered Bridge, this Double Burr Arch Truss was built in 1878 by John Smith and Samuel Stauffer and stretches just shy of 150 feet over the Octoraro Creek on Mt Pleasant Road. In testament as to how well these bridges were constructed, even if not… Read more »

Mood’s Covered Bridge #2

Watercolor… Perkasie, Bucks County. Not only is this the second time I’ve painted this bridge… not counting an even earlier pen & ink drawing… it’s also the second Mood’s Bridge. The original 1874 Mood’s Bridge was burned to the deck by arsonists in 2004. This bridge is a fairly faithful, pegged reproduction, erected in 2007. Mood’s… Read more »

Mood’s Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Blooming Glen Road, Perkasie, Pennsylvania … many a youthful day spent fishing, ice skating and exploring the Branch Creek, around and beneath this bridge. Originally named Mood’s Ford Bridge after Samuel Mood’s farm… which later became Merel Bryan’s farm, to the west (to your right, in this view)… and is now the site of… Read more »

Zook’s Covered Bridge

Watercolor… Leola, Lancaster County. Henry Zook built this covered bridge to cross the Cocalico Creek in 1849. The well preserved, barn red, single span, double Burr arch truss bridge, at 74-feet in length, is also known as the Zook’s Mill Covered Bridge, the Wenger Covered Bridge, Rose Hill Covered Bridge or Cocalico Bridge #7. Zook’s… Read more »

Decoy Ducks

Watercolor… South Carolina… a commission… a young man, his dog and his decoys.

Lehman’s Pond

Watercolor… Edward Lehman was a great illustrator, my mentor and I apprenticed to him. Ed had a wonderfully secluded old farm & this pond just below the studio, was one of the most peaceful spots on earth. This view is from a small feeder stream that flows out of the woods and opens into the… Read more »

Dean’s View – UPenn

Watercolor… looking out on Blanche Levy Park… campus of the University of Pennsylvania, from Meyerson Hall.

Airstream Tohickon

Watercolor… Airstream International. This iconic, streamlined, stainless steel travel trailer, with Maine plates, is parked in snow in the Tohickon woods of Pennsylvania… no doubt it has traveled South to escape those harsh Northern winters.

Commander’s Palace NOLA

Watercolor… Washington Avenue and Coliseum Street. NOLA. Emile Commander’s Palace Restaurant, located in the Garden District of New Orleans, Louisiana… dates back to its earliest founding as a saloon and residence in 1892 or 1893, sited diagonally across the intersection of it’s present location at Washington Avenue & Coliseum Street. I’m not sure when this… Read more »

Eagle Hotel Quakertown

Gouache… a hotel on the northeast corner of East Broad Street, Quakertown, Pennsylvania. It sits one block from the train station; a traveler’s junction… to the east, the head end of the Doylestown Pike & to the north… the road to Hellertown & Bethlehem, winding through Richland and Springfield Townships, with a split toward Easton…… Read more »

Globe Hotel Quakertown

Gouache… on the north side of East Broad, a short walk across the street from the Quakertown Train Station (built 1902)… located between the former Philadelphia & Reading Railroad (P&R) tracks and Belmont Avenue… built in 1827 as the Strawn House… rests the Globe Hotel. The old Globe predates the railroad track, laid through Quakertown… Read more »

Durham Mill – Bucks County

Watercolor… situated in the small village of Durham in Upper Bucks County, the mill, built on the foundation of the old colonial Durham Furnace, drew water for it’s enclosed overshot waterwheel from Cooks Creek, by way of a long millrace. At one time, the building was home to the 2nd oldest post office in the… Read more »

Dillingersville Union School

Watercolor… Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. A log, multi-use, school, church & meeting building was first established at this locale around 1735, through a cooperative union of the Lutheran, Reformed and Mennonite peoples living here at the time. In 1799 they formally created the Dillingersville Union School and Church Association. This one room, fieldstone… Read more »

Trumbauersville Schoolhouse

Watercolor… it took me quite a while to find the actual location of this building… this is the architecture based on an old black & white photograph. The structure has been expanded and quite altered from it’s original appearance… nearly unrecognizable now, and it’s been converted to a residence. The building stands at the north… Read more »

Moch’s School

Watercolor… this one-room school house, located in District 8, Berks County… now converted to a residence… dates to 1869.

Sines 5 & 10 Quakertown

Watercolor… Sines… the five & dime… a fixture on Broad Street, Quakertown, Bucks County… established 1912 as Sine’s Department Store.I’m sure you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed… and breakfast is served from 8:00 am to 10:45 am and lunch from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm…at the soda fountain… an old-school, sit-down counter… maybe… Read more »

Coca Cola Quakertown

Watercolor… Quakertown Trolley Barn, South Elevation. This “Coca Cola” advertisement has been painted on the rear, south brick wall of the former Quakertown Traction Company (QTC) Trolley Barn and Powerhouse, for as long as I can remember. This trolley maintenance barn and power generating station was constructed in 1897, with strong evidence that Lansdale architect, Milton… Read more »

Ft Larned Site Sketches

Pencil… Sketches for the National Park Service visitor brochure, aerial perspective illustration… Research drawing on site, November 2016, at Fort Larned, Kansas. Blockhouse, Commanding Officer’s Living Quarters, Overview and Sutter’s Store.