Miscellaneous Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm. Gallery of various subjects. Places I’ve been and things I’ve seen… with a few reconstructions. And the next day… it’s all history. Buildings, structures & landscape painting. Click an image below for full view of the original art.

Cafe du Monde – NOLA

Watercolor… the Cafe du Monde opened in 1862 at the intersection of Decatur and St Ann Streets, opposite the East corner of Jackson Square… in the 1813 French Market reconstruction… on the site of the original 1791 Spanish, Butcher’s Hall. The specialty was… and still is… French Arcadian beignets and dark roast, chicory coffee. The… Read more »

Avalon Pier – NJ

Watercolor… The Avalon Pier on the New Jersey Shore, existed from 1929 until 1979. This painting represents the pier’s appearance, circa the late 1960’s. Marian’s Pokerino is located on the lower right, with Charlie’s Abbotts Ice Cream, over to the left. The Avalon Theatre, ticket window at the front center, occupied the majority of the… Read more »

Ocean Deli – Avalon NJ

Watercolor… on the corner of Ocean Drive & 33rd Street, Avalon, New Jersey. The Ocean Deli is gone and the building torn down since I painted this and in it’s place, sits a truly uninspired, generic residence.