Narrative Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm. Gallery of narrative illustration. Story telling… the art of telling a story… subjects do vary. Click on a painting’s image below for a larger view of the original art.

Liberty Bell Col. Thomas Polk

Acrylic… Liberty Bell, Col. Thomas Polk’s Overnight Bivouac . Quakertown, Pennsylvania . September 18, 1777 . Acrylic Polymer Mural . … a mural illustrating the State House (Liberty) Bell, escorted by Col. Thomas Polk’s cavalry of 200 troops, of the 4th Regiment, North Carolina Continental Line, as it arrives from Philadelphia on the Bethlehem Pike,… Read more »

John Fries Rebellion 1799

Acrylic… Fries Rebellion . The Confrontation . “The Direct Tax of 1798 Upper Bucks” … illustrating the confrontation at the Sign of the Red Lion tavern in Quakertown, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1799, between tax resistant, local residents and tax assessors. This is the precursor to what is now become known as “Fries Rebellion”. To… Read more »

Fries Rebellion Sun Inn Exterior

Acrylic… illustrating the advance on the Sun Inn on March 7, 1799. John Fries escalates a local rebellion against the Federal Direct Tax of 1798 by leading an armed and bellicose militia, eventually numbering 140 persons, from Richland and Milford Townships, Bucks County, into the Moravian community of Bethlehem, with the intent of freeing fellow… Read more »

Fries Rebellion Sun Inn Interior

Acrylic… illustrating the confrontation, March 7, 1799, between John Fries and United States Marshal, Colonel William Samuel Nichols, who is already holding tax resistant Northampton citizens under arrest and guard, within the Sun Inn, Bethlehem. Fries demanded these men be freed immediately… one way or the other. Greatly out numbered, out gunned and wishing to… Read more »

Annuities Distribution

Watercolor & Gouache …. Annuities Distribution to the Cheyenne . Circa 1860 . Fort Larned . Kansas . National Park Service . … annuity payments were established by the United States Government throughout the 1800’s as a means of bribing the indigenous Native American People to cease hostilities against the United States… as settlers, the… Read more »

Kiowa Comanchero Trade

Watercolor & Gouache …. Kiowa and Comanchero Trade . Circa 1860 . New Mexico . National Park Service . Fort Larned . Kansas . … the Comanchero were predominately traders of Hispanic heritage, traveling through a broad area comprising most of present day New Mexico and Oklahoma. They made a living through the bartered exchange… Read more »

Kettle of Tears

Watercolor… book cover illustration for a Western themed novel: titled: “Kettle of Tears”… authored by Robert Boyce… set in Idaho, sometime after the Civil War.

Kettle of Tears Pencil

Pencil… book illustrations… pencil drawings, interior story illustrations for a Western themed novel: titled: “Kettle of Tears”… authored by Robert Boyce… set in Idaho, sometime after the Civil War.

Whopper the Chopper

Watercolor… cover illustration for an aviation themed children’s book: “Whopper the Chopper”, written by old school pilot, Francis Meyrick…following and chronicling the adventures and misadventures of a pilot named “Moggy”, his workhorse, a Hughes 500 “D” helicopter… “Whopper”… and a snazzy little, red and white, aerobatic biplane… a Stolp Starduster “Too”, named… “Dusty Lady”. This illustration… Read more »

Whopper the Chopper Pencil

Pencil… 26 chapter pencil drawings for the children’s aviation themed story book, “Whopper the Chopper”… including the Hughes 500D helicopter, a Stolp Starduster Too biplane, a twin engine Gulfstream Cougar, Fokker Dr.1 triplane, WWII Consolidated Liberator B-24, and a Bell UH-1B Huey. Each chapter is a mini-adventure with its own illustration.

Whopper the Chopper Epilog

Pencil… off into the sunset. This epilog page was deleted from the Whopper the Chopper book, ostensibly to leave, what has been described as a series continuation. I have yet to understand this decision. I think of this as the start of future adventures. Here is the epilog… you decide. “Another long day, another amazing… Read more »

Dusty Lady

Watercolor… Poster… a follow up illustration to a children’s book about a humorous relationship between a helicopter and a biplane, some interesting airplanes, a pilot named “Moggy” and their various adventures, titled: “Whopper the Chopper”… here as a poster highlighting “Dusty Lady”, an aerobatic Stolp Starduster “Too” biplane. The Starduster Too is Lou Stolp’s, early 60’s… Read more »

Stolp Starduster Too

Acrylic… I painted this Starduster N3260, for the owner in 1973, lost track of it and through dumb luck rediscovered it’s whereabouts in 2004… met the owner again (former owner, the aircraft has been sold) and was able to make a digital copy of my old painting. This is one extremely agile, beautiful, aerobatic bird…… Read more »

McDonnel Douglas F4-C 0752 Page & Kemmerer

Gouache… F4C “Phantom II” # 64-0752 . Major Albert L. Page / Major Donald R. Kemmerer . 390th TFS . 366th TFW . USAF .DaNang . SVN . 09:04 . 6 August 1967 . MIA . KIA . Gulf of Tonkin . NVN . … Albert Page Jr. was from Derby, New Hampshire. 32 years… Read more »

Dog Fight

Acrylic… World War I… Life and death in the sky. Tenuous at best. A Sopwith F1 Camel chases a Siemens Schuckert DIII SSW, as a Fokker DR-1 rises to assist.

Piasecki PA-97 Helistat

Black Marker… the Piasecki PA-97 Heavy Lift “Helistat”. A conceptual sketch for an integrated heavy lift aircraft platform, proposed for logging and transport of cumbersome materials over difficult terrain. The demonstration airship consisted of four Sikorsky H-34 helicopters arranged symmetrically, at the four corners of a truss frame, under a large, balloon type, aerostat. Called… Read more »

Mississippi Tug

Watercolor… a tugboat pushing a grain barge on the Mississippi River… one of 10 proposed illustrations for a children’s story book… a story about the origins of a breakfast. I don’t know much about tugboats, other than what I’ve seen or researched. During visits to New Orleans in 2011 and 2014 – 2015, I watched tugs… Read more »

The Shot – Bilsky Sinks It

Watercolor… a tough game… three seconds left on the clock and Steve Bilsky sinks it for Penn… breaking a tie and beating Villanova… before a thin, butriveted crowd at the Palestra. Penn Basketball was undefeated during the ’70-’71 season and through the NCAA Tournament before droppingin the East Regional final. Steve Bilsky served as Director… Read more »

Palestra Franklin Field

Watercolor… the Palestra, on the West Philadelphia campus of the University of Pennsylvania, was designed by architect Charles Klauder and opened in 1927 to became the home of Penn & Ivy League Basketball. It is one of the first steel and concrete sports arenas built in the United States, with no interior structural columns blocking… Read more »

Bovine On A Bench

Watercolor… Dr. Alan M. Kelly, Dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, for twelve years, retired in 2005. This cartoon, is evocative of a popular sculpture on the Penn campus, by George Lundeen, depicting Benjamin Franklin, the founder of the University, sitting on a bench while reading the school newspaper… the “Daily… Read more »