Narrative Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm. Gallery of narrative illustration. Story telling… the art of telling a story… subjects do vary. Click a painting’s name below for full view of the original art.

Bovine On A Bench

Watercolor… Dr. Alan M. Kelly, Dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, for twelve years, retired in 2005. This cartoon, is evocative of a popular sculpture on the Penn campus, by George Lundeen, depicting Benjamin Franklin, the founder of the University, sitting on a bench… reading the “Daily Pennsylvanian”, the school paper…. Read more »

DuPont Paint Label

Gouache… label illustration for a gallon container label for a DuPont paint, formulated to withstand tropical weather conditions. (ADPRO)

Lord, Help Me To Stay Saved

Watercolor… cover illustration for the book titled, “Lord, Help Me To Stay Saved” by Lori Speed Trollinger.

Dressed Up Dysfunction

Watercolor, Pencil & Adobe Photoshop… cover illustration for the book titled, “Dressed Up Dysfunction” by Lori Leshan.


Watercolor… cover illustration for the book titled, “Unattended” by Lori Speed Trollinger.

3D Doodles

Book Cover… Deneba Canvas…  cover illustration, puzzles, instructions, and related graphics for an activity book package titled, “3D Doodles” by M. Pat DuBois. The book consists of 12 “connect-the- dots” puzzles created to be viewed as 3 dimensional drawings when completed. Art work also includes an introductory book of simple puzzles and a more advanced… Read more »

just coffee pLease

Pencil, Ballpoint Pen & Adobe Photoshop… cover illustration for a book titled, “just coffee pLease ” by Wesely R. Piazza.

Old Durner Organs Speak

Photoshop… Henrietta Moyer Landis JahnsenOld Durner Organs Continue to SpeakSaint John Publishing, Quakertown, Pennsylvania,1999.XIV + 198 pp., 8-1/2 x 11″ perfect bound soft cover 200 images,5 color page/collages, 3 black/white page/collages. From Dr. John Speller Review – The Tracker – Journal of the Organ Historical Society Volume 43, Number 4, 1999, Page 10 Quote –… Read more »

Kosmahl’s Garage

Watercolor & Photoshop… cover art for “Suede Bacon“… a retrospective CD album by a bar band that incubated and grew out of Kosmahl’s Garage. Various vignette elements within, represent memorable episodes in the band’s history.

BMW E46 M3

Watercolor… someone’s track car. A lot of mods and not much of a daily driver… though it is street legal.

ARDC Midget

Acrylic on Canvas… “ARDC Midget at Grand View Speedway 1959”. Kurtis Kraft midget race car with a 110 cubic inch, fuel injected Offenhauser engine. This is short, dirt track racing before the advent of wings, full roll cages, full face helmets, fuel cells and a host of safety related specifications and regulations. I helped a… Read more »

Subaru 2.5 RS

Photoshop… my old Subie. I do miss that car. Client. 2.5 RS Northeast Owners Club. “2001 RS and Outback” illustration (page layout by Bob Siani) for a Subaru enthusiasts publication.

Free Pussy Riot

Poster… Photoshop… when was the last time you saw a rock band persecuted by a government ? … Putin’s Russia in 2012 … 2013… 2014… 2016… & so on… … June 2013 Documentary : Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer … August 2013 : Pussy Riot Denied Parole (Broken Link) … November 2013 : Pussy Riot prisoner… Read more »