Narrative Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm. Gallery of narrative illustration. Story telling… the art of telling a story… subjects do vary. Click on a painting’s image below for a larger view of the original art.

Hershey Chocolate Cows

Watercolor… a triptych mural… three pieces enlarged, totaling 14 feet x 68-1/2 feet wide, part of the Milton S. Hershey Foundation museum. Applied to an undulating wall, serving as a back drop behind displays of various early equipment and story sections pertaining to the history and development of chocolate. This landscape is meant to depict… Read more »

Manning Design

Watercolor… A banner illustration for the Manning Design website. Cropped sections are also used as headers on individual pages and a promotional mini cd case cover. Manning Design is a manufacturer of quality hand crafted doors and windows, located in New England. (Agency is Ditherdog)

Chesapeake Bay Watershead

Watercolor… eight irregularly shaped panels, that fit together, painted on three 30″ x 40″ boards, intended to illustrate various negative influences on the quality of water that flows through the Watershed and into the Chesapeake Bay. At roughly 5 feet x 19 feet, with overlays of several question and answer flip doors and an embedded… Read more »

Tea Party

Watercolor… Joyce hosted a tea party for our two granddaughters, Alona and Ashley and a few of their girl friends. Ashley was not amused.

You Were My Mother

Watercolor, Scan & Photoshop Digital… book cover illustrations (Back L & Front R) for a novel titled: “You Were My Mother”… authored by Meg Spinella … a story chronicling an evolving family relationship between three generations of women. This is the final comp… all text is reset by publisher.

Lord, Help Me To Stay Saved

Watercolor… cover illustration for the book titled, “Lord, Help Me To Stay Saved” by Lori Speed Trollinger.

Dressed Up Dysfunction

Watercolor, Pencil & Adobe Photoshop… cover illustration for the book titled, “Dressed Up Dysfunction” by Lori Leshan.


Watercolor… cover illustration for a book titled, “Unattended” by Lori Speed Trollinger.

just coffee pLease

Pencil, Ballpoint Pen & Adobe Photoshop… cover illustration for a book titled, “just coffee pLease ” by Wesely R. Piazza.

3D Doodles

Book Cover… Deneba Canvas…  cover illustration, puzzles, instructions, and related graphics for a “Retro” activity book package titled, “3D Doodles” by M. Pat DuBois. The book consists of 12 simple “connect-the- dots” puzzles, created and then viewed as “pop off the page”, three dimensional drawings when completed. Art work includes the introductory book of color… Read more »

Old Durner Organs Speak

Photoshop… Henrietta Moyer Landis JahnsenOld Durner Organs Continue to SpeakSaint John Publishing, Quakertown, Pennsylvania,1999.XIV + 198 pp., 8-1/2 x 11″ perfect bound soft cover 200 images,5 color page/collages, 3 black/white page/collages.LCCN : 99—75756ISBN : 0-9676181-0-XSAN : 253-0319EAN : 9 780967 618104 From Dr. John Speller Review – The Tracker – Journal of the Organ Historical… Read more »

Kosmahl’s Garage

Watercolor & Photoshop… cover art for “Suede Bacon“… a retrospective CD album by a bar, cover band, that incubated and grew out of Kosmahl’s Garage. Various vignette elements within, represent memorable episodes in the band’s history.

BMW E46 M3

Watercolor… Rot Stier… someone’s track car. A lot of mods and not much of a daily driver… though it is street legal.Update… Well… now it has a carbon fiber roof and seats… another 150 lbs. shaved… crazy fast car.

ARDC Midget

Acrylic on Canvas… “ARDC Midget at Grand View Speedway 1959”. Kurtis Kraft midget race car with a 110 cubic inch, fuel injected Offenhauser engine. This is short, dirt track racing before the advent of wings, full roll cages, full face helmets, fuel cells and a host of safety related specifications and regulations. I helped a… Read more »

Subaru 2.5 RS

Photoshop… my old Subie. I do miss that car. Client. 2.5 RS Northeast Owners Club. “2001 RS and Outback” illustration (page layout by Bob Siani) for a Subaru enthusiasts publication.

Grain on Rail

Pencil & Photoshop… color comp. One of ten preliminary sketch illustrations for a proposed children’s story book about the origins of an “All American Breakfast”. A darn good story, but unfortunately the book was never completed nor published.

Free Pussy Riot

Poster… Photoshop… when was the last time you saw a rock band persecuted by a government ? … Putin’s Russia in 2012 … 2013… 2014… 2016… & so on… … June 2013 Documentary : Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer … August 2013 : Pussy Riot Denied Parole (Broken Link) … November 2013 : Pussy Riot prisoner… Read more »