Bass Harbor Light – ME

Watercolor… it’s all about the rocks.
The lighthouse at Bass Harbor Head is interesting, though access is limited by Coast Guard and Homeland Security fencing. This 1858 Maine lighthouse has been photographed or painted close to a million times from pretty much this same view point. The best overall view is probably from a boat, out on the water. Confined to land, as I… and most everyone else… the next best look seems to be down the stepped path… followed by a hop, skip and several jumps out onto the rocks. And they are some mighty impressive rocks… with pockets of blood red algae interspersed in little tidal pools. Bass Harbor Light entered the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

Size of Painting: 16" x 12" ... a giclee print is 12x9" on 14x11" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: