Boldt Castle Power House

Watercolor… George C. Boldt, a Prussian immigrate… who became a very wealthy man, builder and owner of the Bellvue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, manager of the Waldorf and Astoria Hotels in New York City, bought Hart Island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River and hired architects George and William Hewitt to create a palatial, summer residence in 1900… as a gift to the love of his life… his wife, Louise Kehrer Boldt. Construction commenced and then ceased in 1904 following her untimely death. Heartbroken and distraught, George Boldt left… abandoned this home and never returned to the island. In the span of those 4 years, a quite eclectic collection of architectural styles were constructed… only to be conceded to ruin. This fanciful castle was built as the estate’s power house. In 1977, the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired Hart Island, all of the structures and Boldt’s massive yacht house on Wellesley Island, and began a restoration that has turned the complex into a unique and popular tourist attraction. This is the power house as observed during a visit in 2009.

Size of Painting: 9" x 12" ... a giclee print is 9x12" on 11x14" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: