Dusty Lady

Watercolor… Poster… a follow up illustration to a children’s book about a humorous relationship between a helicopter and a biplane, some interesting airplanes, a pilot named “Moggy” and their various adventures, titled:¬†“Whopper the Chopper”… here as a poster highlighting “Dusty Lady”, an aerobatic Stolp Starduster “Too” biplane. The Starduster Too is Lou Stolp’s, early 60’s development of the 2-place version of his original single-seat, elliptical wing, biplane… the SA-100.

If you wish a Giclee Print of this “Dusty Lady” Starduster, without the text, send¬†email to me.

Size of Painting: 24" x 16" ... a giclee print is 12x9" on 14x11" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: