East Chop Light – MA

Watercolor… there were six lighthouses, built on the island called Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Five remain. Two of them sit at the ends of a pair of peninsulas, known as Oak Bluffs, flanking each other as West Chop and East Chop. The West Chop light tower has a keeper’s cottage and the East Chop light tower does not. The first East Chop Light was funded and built by Silas Daggett in 1869. It was built of wood, the lanterns were oil fired and it burned down in 1871. Daggett rebuilt his lighthouse the following year adding an attached keeper’s residence. In 1875, the United States purchased the property and facilities and supposedly tore it all down, replacing the light and facilities with newer versions… as the United States Coast Guard took over operations. Nonetheless, that second Daggett lighthouse still exists, converted into a private residence. Around 1933, these newer, Coast Guard buildings were also torn down, however this time… this 40 foot, cast iron, conical tower survived. By the early 1980’s, the East Chop light was deemed obsolete and destined to be torn down once again. After much effort and wrangling, going straight up the ladder to the United States Congress… the East Chop Light was saved, restored and presently is lit and active. The East Chop Light entered the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.

Size of Painting: 9" x 12" ... a giclee print is 9x12" on 11x14" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: