Erie Railroad Starrucca

Watercolor… the New York and Erie Railroad (ERIE) built the Starrucca Viaduct, spanning the Starrucca Creek and Valley at Lanesboro, Pennsylvania. Designed by civil engineers Julius Adams and James Kirkwood… the stone viaduct consists of 17 arches (16 piers) at 1,040 feet in length and 100 feet in height. It was built by hand from locally quarried blue stone in one year; completed and entered service in 1848. It was converted to double track in 1886. The bridge was acquired by Norfolk Southern (NS) out of the CONRAIL (CR) breakup… and is currently leased to the Delaware Otsego Corp and maintained by the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway (NYSW)… and as of 2016, continues to carry rail freight across the valley.

The Delaware & Hudson Railroad (DH), Penn Division, ran on track between Ninevah, Lanesboro and Carbondale, cutting through under one of the arches near the north end of the viaduct. Images of the Erie and the D&H crossing, one over the other, have been a popular subject for photographers and painters for years. However, once the D&H’s Belden Tunnel was enlarged in 1985… D&H abandoned this route, removed the track and ballast… and today, nothing remains of it but the overgrown fills and cuts of the former roadbed.

The Erie 833 is the last of 14 E8’s (820-833) acquired by the Erie Railroad in 1951. ERIE #833 (exERIE#833 > exEL#833 > exCR#4022) is one of three E8’s saved in 1999… when purchased from CONRAIL by the Juniata Terminal Co (the other two are running as PRR #5711 (exCR#4021) & PRR #5809 (exCR#4020). Erie 833 is now owned by the New York & Greenwood Lake Railway (NYGL) and has been returned to her original ERIE livery, following a rebuild in 2007. I was able to observe Erie 833 in attendance at the “Streamliners at Spencer” event of 2014, at the North Carolina Transportation Museum. Erie 833 has been based at Port Jervis, New York and occasionally pulled rail excursions through the northeast. Update 2018… the NYGL has folded & the disposition of this locomotive is unknown at this time.
The Spencer Series

Size of Painting: 30" x 22" ... a giclee print is 12x9" on 14x11" paper.

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