Fries Rebellion Published

Published 2016: “Language, Ethnicity, and Citizenship in the Early Republic
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania – Legacies -“ Citizenship in the Keystone State”

Published 2010: “The People Speak”
Howard Zinn . Video project: during Josh Brolin’s recitation

Published 2009: “Liberty and Libation at the Inn”
Chris Poh . American Public House Review

Published 2004: “Fries’s Rebellion . The enduring struggle for the American Revolution”
Paul Douglas Newman . Penn Press. ISBN 9780812219203

Published 2003: “Stories from PA History” . Chapter 3

Published 1994: “The Direct Tax of 1798 Upper Bucks”
Harry C. Adams . Adams Apple Press . Library of Congress . Call # F157.B8 A39 1994

The above are publications that have reproduced this painting with artist permission. There are numerous internet repostings that are not authorized, nor is due credit given for the work. For image reproduction, please contact me to establish a limited use agreement.