Fries Rebellion Sun Inn Interior

Acrylic… illustrating the confrontation, March 7, 1799, between John Fries and United States Marshal, Colonel William Samuel Nichols, who is already holding tax resistant Northampton citizens under arrest and guard, within the Sun Inn, Bethlehem. Fries demanded these men be freed immediately… one way or the other. Greatly out numbered, out gunned and wishing to avoid bloodshed, Marshall Nichols released the prisoners to Fries. John Fries won this day, but he had now crossed a Federal line. This was no longer a small and localized, two County insurrection. John Fries, Frederik Heaney and John Getman were subsequently arrested, and charged with treason and sedition. They were put on trial in the nation’s capital of Philadelphia, judged, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. President John Adams granted Fries, Haney and Getman, full pardon in May of 1800. In December of 1800, the governing Federalist Party lost the presidential election to Thomas Jefferson and certain onerous provisions within the Federal Direct Tax of 1798… the instigation of this insurrection were repealed.

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To read the most accurate, complete history and text as written by William W. H. Davis in 1899… click here > “The Fries Rebellion” (University of Michigan)

A signed and numbered, limited edition of 100… 13″ x 18″ giclee print on 16″ x 20″, 140lb., watercolor paper… is available of this painting for $100.00, plus 6% PA Sales Tax, plus USPS postage & handling within the continental United States.

Size of Painting: 18" x 24"... a giclee print is available of this painting

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: