Liberty Bell Published

Published: September 2018: “Charlotte’s Thomas Polk Saved the Liberty Bell, 1777”  
NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

Published: May 2018: “This Day in North Carolina History”  
North Carolina Office of Archives and History. ISBN-10: 0865264724 . ISBN-13: 978-0865264724

Published: February 2016: “Liberty Bell – Primary Sources”
The Smithsonian “Little Explorer” Series, by Capstone Press. ISBN 978-1-4914-8224-7

Published: September 2013: “Diary of Sally Wister . A Colonial Quaker Girl”
Capstone Press. ISBN 978-1-4765-4191-4

Published: July 2007: ”American Spirit . Visions of America – Let Freedom Ring”
Daughters Of The American Revolution

Published: July 2006: “Leben”
City Seminary of Sacramento

Published: November 2004: “Liberty and Freedom . A Visual History of America’s Founding Ideals”
Oxford University Press, with the Virginia Historical Society. ISBN 0-19-516253-6

Published: January 2003: “Portrait of Freedom . The 250th Anniversary of the Liberty Bell”
Belmont International, Inc. ISBN-10: 1891965093 . ISBN-13: 978-1891965098

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