LVR ALCO C420: 414 Sayre

Watercolor… first established by the Lehigh Valley Railroad (LVR) in 1876, the LVR’s Sayre Rail Yard grew and eventually stretched over 2 miles from the company town of Sayre, north across the state border into Waverly, New York. Both the yard and the town of Sayre, were named after Robert H. Sayre, vice president and chief engineer of the Lehigh Valley Railroad at that time. Sayer had also been the vice president and general manager of the Bethlehem Iron Company, which became the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in 1861. The impressive Victorian style Sayer Railroad Station was erected in 1881. At one time, Sayre was the second largest rail yard in the world. Following the transfer of ownership to CONRAIL (CR) under the federal consolidations of 1976, the massive facilities and infrastructure fell into disrepair and were substantially dismantled. Norfolk Southern (NS) currently maintains track and operates within and through what remains of the yard and GE Capital Rail Services operates a railcar repair facility on the site.

The American Locomotive Company (ALCO) built 131 units of the 2,000 hp, Century Series, C420 between the years of 1963 and 1968. The Lehigh Valley Railroad owned 12… all delivered in 1964. The LVR also carried a variety of different paint schemes through the years… with as many as 5 variations on the road at once, until the CONRAIL mergers took place in ’76. Illustrated… LVR C420 #414 in the Yellow & Gray “Yellow Jacket” scheme leads a GE U23B in Cornell Red, followed by another C420 heading toward points South in the late afternoon. Three C420’s are currently preserved in the LVR Yellow Jacket heritage colors. Two C420’s are running around Scranton, Pennsylvania… #414 wearing LVR Yellow Jacket livery and presently operating with the Delaware – Lackawanna (DL) Railroad and #405 running in the DL livery. The 1881, Victorian Gothic, Sayre Train Station is now a museum and home to the Sayre Historical Society… and 1941 LVR Caboose #95011, built in the Sayer shops, is on permanent display.

Size of Painting: 12" x 16" ... a giclee print is 9x12" on 11x14" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: