Ma & Pa EMD GP7: 1506

Watercolor… This GP-7 was originally built in 1953 by EMD for the Reading Railroad (RDG) as #621. The Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad (MPA) (aka Ma & Pa) purchased and painted her in their black and golden yellow colors in 1976 and renumbered as #86. In 1991, she was again painted and re-numbered as #1506. Ma & Pa #1506 went to the Penn Eastern Railroad (East Penn) in 1997 or ’98 and then in 2003, was acquired by the Reading Company Technical & Historical Society… which is where I saw her in 2014… parked at Hamburg, PA… wearing the Ma & Pa, pale yellow & black, paint scheme. Since then… she’s been cosmetically restored to her original Reading, Dark Olive Green livery and when unveiled at RCT&HS Railfest 2017, she once again carries RDG #621.

… I’ve chosen to illustrate #1506 crossing on the Ma & Pa track at the old Maryland & Pennsylvania train station at 490 East Market Street in York, Pennsylvania… a sort of false nostalgic image… in a scenario that most likely never happened. I suspect that the brick building to the east of the locomotive was torn down before 1991… and the station had probably been shuttered already, as well… although it is still there and looks like it’s been refurbished with new siding, a new sign and another window. I’m not even sure that #1506 ever worked this branch. I just wanted to paint this locomotive… mainly because of the “Famous Ma & Pa RR” star logo painted on the long hood… and in the sixties… I spent most of 3 years living in this town… so I’ll just claim full artistic license on this one… Thanks.

Size of Painting: 18" x 24" ... a giclee print is 9x12" on 11x14" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: