Ma & Pa Roller Mill

Watercolor… illustrated, circa 1917… a 1902 Baldwin 4-8-0 steam locomotive, Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad #23, eases its northbound train of mixed freight cars up to the Muddy Creek Forks Roller Mill’s trackside loading dock.

… Muddy Creek Forks is the preserved commercial center of an agricultural region, in South Central Pennsylvania, with buildings constructed between 1798 and 1917. An old rolling mill, grain elevator, train station/ general store, Sweitzer barn and several other structures are open to the public as part of the Ma & Pa Railroad Heritage Village. On site is Ma & Pa #82, a 1951 EMD class SW-9 diesel electric locomotive, a GE 45-ton center cab switcher, an 18-ton Plymouth industrial locomotive, a Fairmont A-8 gang car, a Ma & Pa caboose and tool car, a coach… and an assortment of rolling stock and small motor rail cars. The Muddy Creek Forks Historic District was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

Size of Painting: 18" x 24" ... a giclee print is 9x12" on 11x14" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: