McDonnel Douglas F4-C 0752 Page & Kemmerer

Gouache… F4C “Phantom II” # 64-0752 . Major Albert L. Page / Major Donald R. Kemmerer . 390th TFS . 366th TFW . USAF .
DaNang . SVN . 09:04 . 6 August 1967 . MIA . KIA . Gulf of Tonkin . NVN .

… Albert Page Jr. was from Derby, New Hampshire. 32 years old.
… Donald Kemmerer was from Quakertown, Pennsylvania. 26 years old.

On 1 February 2000… Penn State University AFROTC Patriot Flight – Spring 1999 Arnold Air Society Candidate Class. Kelly Buckels, Anne Zlotorzynski, Kim Murphy, Andrew Miller, Philip Atkinson, Kaight Fallon, and Nate Evan. Conducted a Memorial presentation honoring and dedicated to the Graduates of Penn State University, who gave their lives in war, while serving with the United States Air Force. Donald Richard Kemmerer was a graduate of Penn State.

366th Combat Support Group

The Virtual Wall: Page

The Virtual Wall: Kemmerer

Size of Painting: 16" x 40"