Milneburg Light – LA

Watercolor… also called the Port Pontchartrain Light… the first structure at Milneburg, a wooden octagon, was built in 1838. This second tower, built of brick was erected in 1855. At that time it was attached to a keeper’s house with out buildings, standing on pilings 3,000 feet into Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. The site was developed over the years and eventually surrounded by an amusement park. In 1929 the light was declared obsolete and the facility was given to the Orleans Levee Board, who promptly filled in the area round the tower, thereby extending the shoreline farther to the north. Now, all that remains of the Milneburg Lighthouse is the brick tower, hidden away within the campus of the University of New Orleans Technology Center at the end of Elysian Fields Avenue. And when I visited… what is left of this elegant little, hour-glass shaped tower is tightly enclosed and surrounded by an ugly steel security fence, so no one will touch it. I left that fence out of this painting.

Size of Painting: 12" x 9" ... a giclee print is 12x9" on 14x11" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: